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ACME announces three webinars for cultural institutions looking to grow

Sales Force ACME

Innovative software solutions company, ACME Technologies is pleased to announce three webinars created for cultural institutions looking for long term growth in admissions revenues, membership and donations.

POS for Cultural Institutions – Fast, easy, seamless with complete visitor data!

18 October, 2017 @11am

ACME’s Visitor Commerce Platform enables increased admissions revenue and membership by enhancing visitor engagement. This webinar for cultural institutions demonstrates how to build valuable visitor data to support marketing and member campaigns with transactions completed in as few as three clicks.

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Members make the Institution and you need more!

25 October, 2017 @11am

In this webinar, cultural institutions looking for long term success can learn how ACME’s technology facilitates general visitor to member conversions, providing immediate membership benefits through a unified cart.

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Cultural Institution + ACME + Salesforce = A Winning Combination!

1 November, 2017 @11am

The integrated power of ACME and Salesforce allow cultural institutions to enhance audience engagement, execute marketing campaigns tailored for individuals and take qualified constituents through the donor pipeline.

This webinar looks at how ACME and Salesforce together facilitate back office membership and development processes, and centralize transaction reporting.

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