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Alcorn McBride Products Help PaintScaping Produce 4K 3D Projection Mapping Display


Alcorn McBride’s A/V Binloop HD players helped LA-based PaintScaping to produce a spectacular 4K 3D projection mapping display for client Gardner Denver at the OTC’14, the world’s largest energy trade show.  

The display wowed trade show attendees and was even reported on the front page of the Houston Chronicle.

Four 8-channel Alcorn McBride A/V Binloop HD players provided dynamically animated, live-action content 

At the client’s request, the booth display was inspired by the projection mapping show from a recent Justin Timberlake concert.

PaintScaping CEO Philippe Bergeron explains the challenges faced:

“The images were sensational especially considering the enormous amount of ambient light.  The projection was so bright – almost like it was a poster.

“Twenty-five minutes of 4K is very challenging for the pipeline.  We rendered the content at 4K then split it into four HD files and converted them for the Binloops.  The job was hard for us but the content splitting went flawlessly.

“Binloops are extremely reliable when it comes to syncing – that’s their strength.  This was a project where we could not afford even one-frame delay, because you would see it.  When you do projection mapping on a building and the walls are separated by several feet, delays aren’t as obvious.  But at the trade show you couldn’t camouflage a delay.

“It was very challenging because we had two moving targets: the structure and the projectors.  Mapping had to be done on site the day before the show once everything was up and exactly in place.  So we had almost no time to map.  But the Binloops performed fantastically.  Flawlessly!”

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