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Animalive’s Interactive Animated Attraction at Lat’s Place Themed Restaurant, Malaysia



Animalive have produced and installed 6 AnimationBrains with fullbody motioncapture suits for Lat’s Place themed restaurant, Puteri Harbour, Malaysia.

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Lat’s Place themed restaurant is where Lat the Kampung Boy and his Latoon friends come to life through live animation.  Diners can enjoy local cuisine and an interactive animated experience lasting about 80 minutes, inspired by the much loved cartoons of Lat’s childhood in a traditional Malaysian Kampung village.

Animalives Interactive Animated Attraction at Lats Place Themed Restaurant, Puteri Harbour, MalaysiaAnimalive’s AnimationBrains with fullbody motioncapture suits allow performers to puppeteer interactive characters, Latoons, who entertain the diners.  The 6 characters where created by acclaimed Malaysian artist Dato Lat and converted to interactive CGi by Stuart Brown, Animalive’s Head of Animation, using Animalive’s ground breaking interactive technology.

The Latoons interact with the audience in a funny, fast moving and engaging musical show.

This unique interactive dining experience has already received positive reviews from the Johor Kaki blog:

“Throughout our dinner, we were entertained and amused by animated Lat characters like Pak Ali, Mrs. Hew, Tong and their lovable, funny friends. We were even engaged in chit chat with the Lat characters through state-of-the-art interactive animation technology and an impressive sound system. Pak Ali, the Village Chief, was the consummate host.

Our banter with computer generated animated Lat characters were interspersed with interactions with the well rehearsed staff, so we enjoyed a unique fusion of warm human touch and virtual reality.

LAT’s Place is more than a restaurant, food is just one aspect of the total sensory experience.”

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