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BARTKRESA studio launches new projection design sculpture and workshop, Hako

BARTKRESA studio Hako

BARTKRESA studio, the award-winning projection design firm, has created a new sculpture that artists around the world can build and projection map.

BARTKRESA studio is pleased to present Hako, its latest 360-degree projection-mapped sculpture. The pop-up experience can be built and projection-mapped by artists across the globe. Created by master projection designer Bart Kresa, it features a simple cube foundation that can be manipulated and used to create imaginative works.

The name Hako is derived from Japanese, meaning a box that has precious items inside. Artists can use light and design to transform the sculpture.

Projection design sculpture and workshop

This new project aims to celebrate and connect the arts community around the world through a series of remote projection design workshops for artists, open to those wanting to explore the art of projection mapping.

Artists can apply to take part in the workshop series, where they will build and design their own Hako, receiving the exclusive plans and benefitting from live guidance from Kresa himself. They will also have a platform for sharing their own Hako after the workshops are completed, as the project will be followed by a global virtual exhibition.

This is a unique opportunity to take part in a new programme as BARTKRESA studio offers free remote workshops for the first time. Ordinarily, Kresa presents workshops in small, in-person groups, however up to 100 artists will be accepted onto the Hako workshops. Previous experience of projection mapping is not necessary.

Those interested can apply through the website here. The application process closes on 24 July (PT) and chosen participants will be contacted by 28 July (PT).

Kresa also recently undertook a permanent installation of the iconic Shogyo Mujo skull at AREA15 in Las Vegas. The installation itself was live-streamed, interspersing the assembly of the 12-foot skull with chats by the master projection designer and his team.

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