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Cedar Fair has plans to develop $28m esports arena

Cedar Fair is looking into developing a $28m esports arena in Sandusky, as esports is projected to reach $1.1bn in 2021.

cedar point sports center

Cedar Fair is exploring the potential development of an esports arena in Sandusky, Ohio. The $28m gaming facility would be a best-in-class space for competitive events.

The proposed development includes a 1,500-seat arena designed for esports, as well as 200 gaming stations for competitors, gamers and spectators. There would also be a wide range of F&B options, and spaces for esports camp and event attendees.

“Our long-term strategy is focused on delivering an immersive entertainment experience that differentiates our parks and makes our park guests want to come back again and again,” said Richard A Zimmerman, Cedar Fair president and CEO.

Cedar Fair looking into 1,500-seat arena

“The opening of our Cedar Point Sports Center in 2017 was consistent with this strategy and has proved to be enormously popular with amateur sports teams and other large groups.

“Given the booming popularity of esports, we believe there is an opportunity to tap into the growing appetite for that form of entertainment and package it with all that Cedar Point has to offer.”

The esports facility would represent the next phase of development of the $50m Cedar Point Sports Center, which includes Sports Force Parks.

Cedar Fair has teamed up with Esports Development Company LLC, which has significant experience and connections in gaming, to develop preliminary plans for the arena.

Esports to reach $1.1 billion in 2021

Preliminary development plans for the attraction were submitted to the City of Sandusky Planning Commission on July 28 by OSPORTS, a division of Osborn Engineering Company.

If the development is approved and financing secured, construction would be expected to start before the end of this year, with an opening expected in the first half of 2023.

Esports is the competitive side of the electronic gaming industry. Global revenue from competitive gaming is projected to reach $1.1 billion in 2021.

Image: Cedar Point Sports Center

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