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Chaos Karts: AR karting attraction coming to London

Chaos Karts, a Mario Kart-style video game experience that uses augmented reality and physical karts, is opening in London in August 2021.

chaos karts attraction

Chaos Karts takes place in a virtual world that combines go-karting and augmented reality (AR), with players able to race around an infinite number of virtual tracks, which the vehicle interacts with.

Chaos Karts is the brainchild of Tom Lionetti-Maguire, CEO and founder of Little Lion Entertainment, the company behind the Crystal Maze Live Experience and Judge Dredd Uprising.

“We are so excited to be launching this brand-new attraction, and especially to be doing so this summer,” said Lionetti-Maguire. “Creating a real-life version of a video game has been an obsession for some time and we are delighted to have cracked it.”

The gamification of experiences

Opening in London in August 2021, the immersive attraction gives players the chance to enjoy a real-life video game where they race their friends, family and rivals.

The Ents Inc engineered the innovative Chaos Karts attraction, which does not require helmets or driving suits due to a lack of physical obstacles on the track and anti-collision technology.

Located close to Brick Lane in east London, Chaos Karts players will compete against each other to win points and races, with in-kart power-ups and weapons available.

Using state-of-the-art technology, the karts will be kitted out with features that immerse visitors and produce real-life sensations and reactions. The experience features various circuit designs.

Real-life video game in London

“Every time you play it, the adrenaline, the pure elation of it… it still surprises me every time. The gamification of experiences is a phenomenon that is here to stay, and this is the purest distillation of it,” added Lionetti-Maguire.

“It’s a game and an experience, wrapped up in a whole load of silliness, with a sprinkling of nostalgia for good measure. Chaos Karts is game changer. All this and opening in time for a summer of fun that we so desperately deserve, is frankly a dream come true!”

Earlier this year, Universal Studios Japan launched its Super Nintendo World expansion, the first of four Nintendo-themed attractions in Japan, Singapore, Orlando and Hollywood.

Images: Chaos Karts

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