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Christie tech powers new virtual event space, Worre Studios

Christie Spyder X80 multi-windowing processor drives content to huge video walls

Worre Studios

Christie, the global visual and audio technology company, has provided its Christie Spyder X80 multi-windowing processor to Worre Studios, a new immersive virtual event space in Las Vegas. The space features 360-degree curved LED displays with over 65 million pixels Advanced LED Displays, a division of Agility AVL, which designed and integrated the project, selected Christie’s solutions to drive the content.

As a result of the pandemic, Worre Studios Founder and CEO Marina Worre was in need of a virtual space where she could hold some events, originally scheduled to take place at the MGM Garden Arena. Deciding to create something herself, with just three months until the first event, the project then only had 70 days for creation and install of the 25,000 square foot production studio and event space.

Marina Worre at Worre Studios
Marina Worre – photo by Denise Truscello

Creating a new virtual space

The space can host live events with real-time interactivity between the hosts and the attendees, thanks to broadcast-quality audio, video equipment and displays.

“The most important aspect in designing the studio was to create a space that gave every attendee a front-row seat, as well as the ability to interact with the event hosts,” says Worre.

In September 2020, Advanced LED Displays began to source LED, trusses and lighting for the space. “Most LED takes 60 to 90 days to manufacture, so that was a big obstacle right out of the gate. And then determining how long it was going to take us to build it, and install all of the other pieces,” says Art Martinez, VP, Business Development, Advanced LED Displays.

The team then designed free-standing curved LED walls. “The walls grew in size, and tightened in radius,” says Martinez. “At that point, we knew we needed some serious processing to handle it – and most processors can’t handle a wall of this size. It was not an option to do anything other than the Spyder X80.”

Event at Worre Studios
© Jerry Metellus

Choosing the right technology

The Christie Spyder X80 multi-screen windowing processor can control up to 80 million pixels with 24 inputs and 16 outputs. It also boasts image processing in 4K@60Hz. The project uses one Spyder X80 to drive content to the wall, and a second is used as a backup.

There are two 73-foot wide by 14-foot tall video walls, and two 25-foot wide by 14-foot tall video walls. “After the walls were built, Marina asked if I could move one of the large walls to the other end of the room to accommodate space for an audience and prepare for hybrid events in the future. I accepted the challenge and designed a set of tracks recessed into the concrete floor for one of the large walls to move across the room,” says Martinez.

The space can host in-person and virtual events, as well as a hybrid of the two. Hosts are able to interact with hundreds of thousands of attendees online, reaching audiences through social media and streaming, as well as interacting with a live audience.

Interactive live events

“Events are fully interactive, and we host guests from all around the world – and with our real-time translation platform, we’ve removed the language barrier so everyone can have the same live experience,” says Worre.

“The studio was built for our needs originally, but given its success and the demand for a pliable space with this technology, it’s now available for any event. We have hosted seminars, done product launches using the Spyder that reached more than 10 million viewers, and we even recorded a music video.”

The project called for a reliable processor, capable of handling extra inputs and outputs. “At Agility AVL, we design and build a lot of sports books, and the Spyder is always our go-to because of the number of layers, up to 24, and the options we have on inputs and outputs. It’s something only the Spyder has. And the fact that it can handle 80 million pixels.”

“There’s nothing that has been built like this in the world,” says Martinez. “For us, it was always Christie Spyder. It’s the only product that I know will work flawlessly and continue to run day in and day out without problems.”

Last month, Christie announced the latest addition to its M Series, the M 4K24 RGB pure laser projector. This new release is the smallest, lightest and quietest all-in-one RGB pure laser projector available.

Top image © Jerry Metellus

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