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D-BOX motion technology powers MajorMega’s VR attraction, Hyperdeck

D-BOX MajorMega Hyperdeck

D-BOX Technologies, a world leader in immersive motion entertainment experiences, has announced that its motion technology will be powering MajorMega’s Hyperdeck, a new VR attraction on display at IAAPA Expo 2019.

D-BOX is pleased to be working with virtual reality studio and LBE company MajorMega, to bring to live an innovative new VR experience called Hyperdeck. Attendees at IAAPA Expo 2019 in Orlando from 18 – 22 November will be able to see the attraction for themselves.

“We are proud of our collaboration with MajorMega for many reasons, one of them being that D-BOX motion technology truly shines when integrated with cutting-edge attractions,” says Yannick Gemme, Vice-President of Sales at D-BOX.

“The Hyperdeck, by the forward-thinking team at MajorMega, is a prime example of creators and engineers pushing the boundaries of innovation, all while giving players a truly resonant VR experience using the power of perfectly synchronized motion and rich tactile feedback.”

 A theme-park level experience

The Hyperdeck offers a big experience with a small footprint, at only 300 square feet. Up to four players at a time can experience the immersive attraction, which takes them on a journey to new worlds, as their friends and family play along from outside thanks to the interactive spectator displays. The full-motion platform by D-BOX and a range of multi-sensory effects enhance the experience, with hurricane-force winds, heat and earth-shaking movements.

“The seamless integration of D-BOX allows us to focus on creative expression instead of technical hurdles,” says Sean Hennessey, Co-Founder at MajorMega They are flexible enough to achieve whatever we dream up while maintaining rock-solid performance even when we push their motion actuators to the limits. It brings a much-needed level of confidence and agility to this fast-evolving industry.”

“Motion sickness continues to plague the VR industry. At MajorMega, we set out to not just simply minimize motion sickness, but to totally eliminate it,” says Michael Bridgman, Co-Founder at MajorMega “Because D-BOX enables us to iterate fast with reliable timing to the millisecond, we have reached the point where not a single patron has felt motion sickness – even while rating the Hyperdeck as the most thrilling VR they’ve ever experienced.”

Attendees at IAAPA Expo Orlando can see it in action at booth #4631 and can arrange an appointment here. The Hyperdeck can also be found at Two Bit Circus in LA.

D-BOX also recently worked with LAI Games, to ensure perfectly synchronised motion simulation for the eagerly-awaited Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride expansion.

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