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Experience Gantom’s Award-Winning Torch Technology at IAAPA Expo Scavenger Hunt


Leading special effects lighting company, Gantom Lighting & Controls, will be demonstrating the next stage of its award-winning Torch Technology at the IAAPA Expo, Orlando.

Attendees will get the opportunity to test out the ZTag System during a scavenger hunt organised by the company in partnership with a number of other show vendors.

Earlier this year, Gantom’s ground-breaking Torch Technology scooped a Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement in the ‘Technology – Limited Budget’ category.

“ZTag is the Next Stage of Torch Technology, ” reports Quan Gan, Founder and President of Gantom Lighting & Controls. “ZTag removes the barriers to Torch Technology usage and provides an off-the-shelf turnkey solution to add new interactivity to any environment or attraction- all while acting as an additional profit centre!”

Guests wear IR badges that interact not only with their surroundings but with each other. Gantom has developed a range of off-the-shelf themed options. In one version, guests experience a real life zombie infection outbreak and have to search for a cure while avoiding becoming infected. Adding to the fun, players can infect each other and work together in teams to find the cure.

Set up costs are low and the system offers a potential profit centre for a wide range of attractions by driving souvenir sales.

The IAAPA scavenger hunt starts at Gantom’s booth #858. Participants completing the hunt will automatically unlock prizes and experiences back at the Gantom booth.

“Every single day we work to ‘Illuminate and Inspire’ the future of themed entertainment, ” adds Quan Gan.

Participating Vendors
Techni-Lux – 2056, Oceaneering  – 2286, Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) – 1366, Alcorn McBride Inc. – 869, Visual Terrain, Inc. – 1971, Rides 4 U – 5820, ETC  – 571, InPark Magazine – 1764, Pale Night Productions – 1352

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