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BEAM Becomes an Integral Part of the New Crayola Experience


Formerly, the Crayola Factory, the new Crayola Experience opened this past Memorial Day weekend.  BEAM is one of the exciting new activities that was added during this multimillion dollar renovation.

 When the Crayola Factory relaunched as The Crayola Experience this past Memorial Day weekend, they added EyeClick’s BEAM to their list of new entertaining activities for children. 

BEAM‘s virtual indoor playground captivates youngsters ages 2+ with dynamic and fun interactive games.  The new Crayola Experience includes 18 creative attractions re-imagining the past facility to be “bigger and bolder than ever before.”  To find out more about the Crayola Experience, visit

Hundreds of thousands of people each year visit this attraction, which is located within the Two Rivers Landing building in Easton Pennsylvania.  It includes more than 60, 000 sq. feet of fun adventures for children.  Easton is about a 1 1/2 hour drive from New York City or Philadelphia.  It’s also the historic birthplace of Crayola crayons.

The attractions added to the Crayola Experience were specifically designed to allow kids to creatively explore art, technology and color.  Part of this expansion included the integration of BEAM, which is located on the Third Floor of the Crayola Experience in the Doodle in The Dark interactive room.  This room contains three different attractions; the BEAM unit is located in the middle of the room.

doodle in the dark crayola experience eyeclick eyeplay

In regards to the addition of BEAM, The Crayola Experience’s General Manager Dan Aylward stated, “The BEAM unit has been an integral part of the overall development of the new Crayola Experience.  We are pleased with BEAM’s overall performance and the interactivity it contributes.”

Among the additional entertainment options at the Crayola Experience are unique activities like personalizing an authentic crayon label to create a special Crayola crayon, seeing how crayons are made and even watching a live theatre show.  There is also a Crayola Store and Cafe Crayola, where kids can eat colorful cupcakes and design their own pizzas.

BEAM encourages children to interact with one another as they run, jump and play along with the images that are projected onto the floor.  Reactions so far to the new Crayola Experience as well as the BEAM installation have been very positive.

Aylward adds, “BEAM provides another interactive and creative play element that brings color to life.  From changing puzzles to games to coloring by walking, the interactive elements meet our goals of feeding the creativity of the children visiting the facility.”

More information about BEAM can be found at

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