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BEAM Interactive Virtual Playground Installed at Diddalidoo, San Bruno

EyePlay Children Playing

A BEAM interactive virtual playground has been installed at Diddalidoo in San Bruno, California.

Diddalidoo, an indoor play center created specifically for babies and toddlers, includes three play areas and a café.  

Commenting on the installation Andru Miller, BEAM Marketing Manager says, “Diddalidoo is utilizing EyePlay with great results for all ages.  The interactive nature of BEAM is perfect for getting children, toddlers and babies excited and engaged.”

EyePlay Interactive Virtual Playground Installed at Diddalidoo, San BrunoDiddalidoo owner Bernice Soon says that the response has been very positive: “BEAMtranscends multiple age groups and adds another dimension to the play we have at Diddalidoo.  The parents think it’s cool.  Many have seen BEAM before but they haven’t connected it with smaller children before.  This adds a new and fun way for babies to improve their hand and eye coordination because they love to swat their little hands at the objects that appear around them.  The more mobile babies are motivated to crawl by chasing images around the mat, which helps them develop their motor skills.   Adults and older children who come for birthday parties also love the BEAM.”  

BEAM has also helped to cultivate repeat business adds Soon: “With traditional toys we have to switch them out frequently so they don’t look worn out.  The BEAM never wears out and is germ free.  With the lease option, it was affordable for us to get into the BEAM.”

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