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HTC Vive gets interactive VR experience Memoria

memoria: stories of la garma

HTC Vive has worked with acclaimed director Rafael Pavón to create Memoria: Stories of La Garma, an interactive virtual reality (VR) documentary experience. Memoria explores the memories trapped within the cave complex of La Garma.

Memoria: Stories of La Garma allows users to explore the La Garma cave complex in Cantabria, Spain. The caves were rediscovered in the 1980s after 16,000 years.

The experience was originally showcased in the Museum of Prehistory and Archaeology of Cantabria in Santander, Spain.

Virtual viewers can use the HTC Vive hardware to experience Memoria: Stories of La Garma for the first time ever as it arrives exclusively to Viveport.

Memoria experience arrives exclusively to Viveport

Memoria was recently mapped for VR, captured with millimetric precision using laser scanners and photogrammetry.

It tells an incredible story, set during the Palaeolithic era as a community returns home to the La Garma caves following a hunting trip.

The community discovers that their home has been blocked off by a landslide, creating a time capsule with thousands of relics undisturbed for 16,000 years.

UNESCO declared La Garma a World Heritage Site, and approximately 50 people have physically entered the caves in 16,000 years, including director Rafael Pavón.

Explore the La Garma cave complex in Cantabria

Memoria: Stories of La Garma, narrated by Geraldine Chaplin, was nominated for Best Documentary Experience at Raindance Immersive.

The Louvre also collaborated with HTC Vive Arts on its first VR experience for visitors, called Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass.

The VR experience told the story of the Mona Lisa and was on display in the museum’s Leonardo da Vinci exhibition, which welcomed a record 1.1 million visitors.

Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass revealed details invisible to the naked eye, and provided an insight into the techniques used by Leonardo da Vinci.

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