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Interspectral launches software trial, online store

Popular exhibit Inside Explorer offered with flexible licenses and more display device options for the first time in its 8-year run

Interspectral launches software trial, online store

Interspectralthe Swedish visualisation company, announces a new store,, and expanded purchase options. In response to the changing conditions and lockdowns museums are weathering, Inside Explorer products are now more budget friendly.

Inside Explorer is an interactive educational software that decodes scientific data using 3D visualizations. It allows the public to investigate the inside of humans, animals—and even viruses—digitally.

Flexibility for smaller museums and science centres

Inside Explorer is used by over 100 science communicators in over 30 countries. During the last 8 years, Interspectral customers ran it as part of permanent exhibitions. Now available, variable license lengths and self-service purchasing make the product accessible to smaller organizations.

The introduction of less expensive 3, 6, and twelve-month licenses also translates to less investment to renew content. Tight-budgeted museums can now leverage this software and shorter license periods are ideal for outreach, educational, and virtual programs, too.

Interspectral launches software trial, online store

New store site and launch event

Through April 2, 2021, the Interspectral site is offering a half-off sale to celebrate. Available human-focused exhibitions include 3D Printing and Implants, Human Anatomy, and Ben Body Exhibition. Animal Anatomy and Sharks & Rays exhibition allows exploration of a wide array of CT scans and data on creatures from Kolmården Wildlife Park and Hollings Marine Lab.

The most recent exhibition, on the SARS-CoV-2 virus is a timely addition. It explains real scientific research on the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 through vivid imagery. Users explore the virus itself and its impact on the human body and the world.

Additionally, in the store, museum professionals and educators have the option to test the software for themselves for 14 days. And both the trial and purchased versions run on Windows computers, touchscreens and touch tables.  

In late 2020, Interspectral announced the opening of the Junior Academy of Sciences Ukraine, the first state science museum in the country.

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