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MediaMation launches MX4D eSports Theatre concept

MediaMation MX4D b&b theatres hybrid-esports

Gaming enthusiasts at E3 2017 in Los Angeles were impressed by the breakthrough MediaMation MX4D Theatre to MX4D eSports Theatre concept.

MediaMation’s booth was shaking with intensity as onlookers crowded in to watch players compete on stage in live tournaments. Spectators could feel the on-screen action via their MX4D Motion EFX seats, all directed by a live, onsite game jockey.

The eSports theatre concept was judged as one of the “best experiences at the show” by spectators. Comments included: “The seats made watching the tournaments feel like you were part of the game,” and “Just what eSports needs to bring it alive”.

Cinemas are continually seeking new and technologically-advanced entertainment to engage their customers.  MediaMation will offer a scalable entertainment package that can convert a new or existing MX4D theatre into an eSports gaming environment… and then switch it back to the MX4D theatre setup.

The MX4D theatre combines motion and experiential factors with the intensity of eSports tournament play.  The combination creates a one-of-a-kind, theatre experience in the minds of the spectator.  MediaMation’s MX4D Theatre allows customers to watch live tournaments at an MX4D theatre, sitting in a MediaMation MX4D Motion EFX seat that is synced to the fast-paced gaming action projected on the movie screen.

Then, once the eSports event is over, the MX4D theatre’s eSports mode converts back into MX4D movie theatre mode.

MediaMation also announced its partnership with Hollywood Esports (HES).  MediaMation has responsibility for the conversion of the spectating environment inside the MX4D theatre. Hollywood Esports is responsible for tournament organization and the direction of gaming activities to global MX4D theatre sites.

The combination offers a turnkey solution for cinema chains wishing to host local micro tournaments. MediaMation and Hollywood Esports anticipate being at the forefront of the “hometown” micro tournament trend, making eSports more accessible to local eSports fans through its global network of over 300 MX4D theatres.

The market for eSports and competitive video gaming continues to grow at an exponential rate with analysts predicting that the eSports industry will reach $1.5 billion by 2020.

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