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Polin’s First King Cobra Waterslide in US at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor


Polin Waterparks and Pool Systems, one of the world’s leading companies in the design, manufacture and installation of waterparks, waterslides and water-play attractions, has installed the first of their King Cobra extreme racing waterslides in the US at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor.

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Sohret Pakis, Polin’s Marketing Manager, said, “We knew that waterslide fans were greatly anticipating when King Cobra would be introduced in the United States. The ride had already gotten a lot of attention and interest from fans in other parts of the world. The question was who would be the first to offer this unique ride in the U.S.?  We are very excited about King Cobra’s first U.S. installation. We are so glad and proud that it is Six Flags Great Adventure.”

Polin’s King Cobra waterslide has a unique configuration that allows two riders to race alongside on a circular path.  The extreme waterslide is themed as a striking red, black and white King Cobra on both the interior and exterior of the slide.  The King Cobra rises 50-foot (15.24 m) in height and stretches 260-foot (790m) in length.  Riders are propelled through open and closed tubes by water at a pressure of 3, 875 gallons (14, 668 liters) per minute, accelerating up to speeds of up to 32 mph (51 km/h) before plummeting almost 25 feet (8 m) down a 50-degree slope.

Six Flags Great Adventure, Wild Safari and Hurricane Harbor together make up America’s largest regional theme park.  Hurricane Harbor waterpark features more than 20 high-speed thrill slides, a family water playground, a million-gallon wave pool and a half-mile-long leisure river on a 45 acre site.  Six Flags Great Adventure Park President John Fitzgerald said, “We are confident that King Cobra’s intense ride experience and unparalleled design will make it our most popular and entertaining water attraction.”

Polin, who have designed, manufactured and installed waterparks in 80 countries worldwide, introduced the first King Cobra waterslide in Europe before installing others in Turkey and Russia.  Demand for the King Cobra is strong – this year, in addition to the Six Flags Hurricane Harbor King Cobra, Polin will be installing more of the exciting waterslides in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Alper Cetiner, Polin’s Project Manager, said, “With so many special features, we expect the ride to be more successful than even anticipated.”

Polins First King Cobra Waterslide in US at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

King Cobra Facts

HEIGHT: 50 feet/15.24 meters-the same as the world’slargest snake, a titanoboa!
SPEED: 32 mph/51 kph-as fast asSix Flags Great Adventure’s Skull Mountain indoor roller coaster!
LENGTH: 260 feet/790 meters-the sameas 26 actual king cobras laid end-to-end!
WATER PRESSURE: 3, 875 gallons/14, 668 liters per minute-the amount needed toflush a whopping 2, 422 toilets!
FINAL DROP: 51-degree angle-steeper than the drop on Six Flags Great Adventure’s Green Lantern and Rolling Thunder roller coasters!

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