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Semnox Implements Parafait Cashless Debit Card System at Amusement Arcade, Nairobi


Semnox Solutions, an industry leader in cashless debit card systems for family entertainment centers, amusement parks and theme parks, has provided the Parafait Cashless Debit Card System at Amusement Arcade in Nairobi, Kenya.

Amusement Arcade had wanted to implement a card system for some time but had been cautious about the level of investment needed.  However, the Center’s manager Shailesh explains that Semnox’s combination of cutting edge Semnox Implements Parafait Cashless Debit Card System at Amusement Arcade,  Nairobitechnology, world class service and competitive pricing enabled Amusement Arcade to go ahead with the implementation of the Parafait system:

“When we finally found Semnox the first thing that amazed was the difference in prices from its competitors. We couldn’t believe that a medium sized centre like ours could actually have a world class wireless card system. We went ahead with the installation and Semnox was with us all the way through helping us where ever and whenever required.”

Within two months of the system going live, Amusement Arcade are already seeing the benefits:

“Our revenues have increased by 50-60%. The investment that we made on the Parafait system was recovered in couple of weeks.  Moreover I need not go through hundreds of sales files to get my figures right, it’s always just few click away.  My Management is extremely proud of its association with Semnox.” 

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