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Semnox Solutions launch Parafait Recipe Management


Semnox Solutions, an industry leader in cashless debit card systems for family entertainment centers, amusement parks and theme parks, has launched a complete recipe management application within its flagship Parafait solution.

The new application is designed to help users track inventory all the way from menu items down to the individual ingredients used to make each menu item.

Key features include the ability to:

  • track raw materials for a menu item
  • track re-order points for each ingredient
  • add cooking notes to each menu preparation
  • dynamically price the selling price of the menu item based on the ingredients that go into the making of the item

The system provides extensive reporting on the items redeemed, stock in hand, stock below minimum quantity for effective business control.

Building on Parafait’s existing functionality, it includes Inventory Management, Order Tracking, Kitchen Display Systems, Kitchen Order Tracking and Digital Signage Displays.

Matthew Ninan, Vice President of Product Development, Semnox Solutions says, “We are pleased to announce yet another inclusion in our comprehensive management solution for Family Entertainment Centers, Theme/ Amusement/ Water Parks and Food Courts. We built this feature with a lot a feedback from top operators who have been in this industry for several years and we are certain that our recipe management solution will revolutionise the way you operate your food business.”

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