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Semnox’s Cashless Payment Solution Lights Up Pool and Xbox Gaming Centres


Semnox Solution’s Parafait suite has provided a versatile cashless payment solution for Pool Centre operator, LA Violet.

Semnox's Cashless Payment Solution used at Pool and Xbox Gaming CentresLA Violet runs a large chain of pool centres in Indonesia and is using the Parafait Eco System to manage its pool tables as well as food and beverages served at the centre.

A seamless integration between the Parafait software and the hanging pool table lamps has allowed LA Violet to operate the lamps from the cash counter through the Semnox Point of Sale application. Customers can hire the tables for either a pre-determined period of time or on a “pay as you go” basis, offering both the user and the operator more flexibility. Food and beverage sales are also tracked using the same system. 

Mathew Ninan, Vice President of Product Development, Semnox Solutions, commented: “We are proud to introduce this new solution to Pool and Xbox Gaming Centres. This goes to show that Parafait is a very versatile application that can adapt itself to the unique needs of the customer. With this solution, it becomes far easier to effectively manage Pool Centres with a solid backbone on reporting that not only shows revenue collections but also trend analysis that can be used to make quicker business decisions.”

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