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Special Venue Media: Global Immersion Launch Giant Screen, HD Theatre Range


Global Immersion, the leading, award-winning designer of immersive digital cinema attractions, has announced the launch of an exclusive range of 3D and 2D giant screen projection systems.

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The GSX range, comprising GSX, GSX Dome, and GSX Fulldome are designed to “meet and exceed the performance of giant screen film systems” and have been specifically manufactured for DIGSS (Digital Immersive Giant Screen Specification).

Global Immersion's gianst screen 2D/2D HD TheaterThis, Global Immersion say, ensures the range delivers exceptional performance alongside unrivalled features.

Introducing the GSX range

GSX is a digital screen system designed for flat or curved screens and delivers True 4:3, a digitally projected 4:3 aspect ratio display boasting a 4000 x 3000 pixel screen resolution. GSX complies with Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) specifications and is the flagship product in the GSX range.

GSX Dome and Fulldome have been designed with dome theatres and high performance in mind and offer an optimum solution for giant screen cinemas all over the world.
All of the GSX range by Global Immersion have been produced for DIGSS standards and offer superb performance in display resolution, luminance, aspect ratio and frame rate, with high-frame delivery of up to 60 fps.

GSX offers 3D and 2D stereoscopic digital experiences for visitors and are optimised in order to offer the very best, most vibrant picture quality alongside a wide range of content programming.

The GSX range has been designed using ImageFusion, a combination of hardware and software which allows for multiple theatre grade projectors to be used together in order to produce the largest, brightest and most seamless cinema experience on the market.

The unique technologies combine custom lenses, image processing and pixel optimisation tools along with automated alignment systems, performance monitors and remote diagnostics.
Martin Howe, Chief Executive at Global Immersion commented; “We have been working closely with industry consultants and theatres to develop a series of products specifically for digital giant screen theatre.”

“The launch of the GSX range of theatre systems marks a truly exciting milestone in our journey as innovators of high performance immersive experiences. The range has been exclusively designed to exceed the exceptional standards and performance demands that exist among the world’s giant screen theatre network.”
The GSX range offers cinemas a huge amount of unrestricted material, including fulldome film, live-streamed events, musical performances and much more.

“One of the real benefits of the GSX range lies in the almost endless pool of opportunity to bring unique media experiences into these theatres”, says Howe.

“Our strategy has always been to create a solution that not simply raises the bar in terms of visual performance, but one that supports the operational goals of theatres; empowering them to extend their range of programming. We believe that this open-platform approach is key to driving industry growth and enabling long-term consumer-appeal for these theatres.”

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