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Storytelling with Sound: Blooloop attractions technology sessions at InfoComm

InfoComm Blooloop attractions technology storytelling with sound

Often underappreciated, sound design plays a vital role in creating immersive attractions. Our audio experts bring a wealth of experience to Blooloop’s Storytelling with Sound session at InfoComm 2019.

Blooloop is partnering with with Avixa to deliver a series of six hour long attractions technology sessions at world-leading audiovisual trade fair InfoComm. InfoComm is the biggest trade fair in North America for audiovisual (AV) communications professionals. Over 1,000 exhibitors and 44,000 attendees will visit the Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center on 8 to 14 June.

IS182: Storytelling with Sound for Attractions

FRI 14 JUNE 2019, 10 – 11 AM, W307CD

Themed attractions, engaging museum exhibits and spectacular shows take visitors to another world. The best and most memorable visitor experiences rely on not just the latest ride and display technologies, but on also audio to create an immersive soundscape. In this session we hear from the experts in the field on storytelling with sound.

Session content

Our expert speakers will offer interesting insights based on a wealth of experience into the secrets of using the latest sound technology to create immersive, emotionally evocative attractions.

Rick Morris, Director of Sound at Falcon’s Creative, plans to cover several aspects of how powerful sound can be in creating emotion, anticipation and even authenticity. Music plays a huge role in steering our emotions, but Sound Design also plays a surprisingly large roll that many don’t consider. When the two are crafted together carefully, you have a formula for success in the world of storytelling. Examples will be given through media clips, showing how environments, music, and sound design combine to either be effective in immersing the audience, or distracting them from the story.

Eric Cantrell, Product Manager, Medialon Show Control, Barco. Eric will examine how the timing and synchronization of sounds relative to visual, physical, and other stimulus is critical in storytelling. Theme park shows, roller coasters, animatronic characters and parade floats all have their unique sound challenges and solutions.

Joseph White, President/Lead Designer, Crafted Design, will be talking about Realism in Audio. People are used to hearing how TV sounds, how concerts sound, and how radio sounds. When creating an immersive experience, playing sound effects that sound very real can transport the listener in a way that the sound they have come to expect cannot. We will discuss what people expect to hear in different situations, the barriers to achieving realistic sound, and how surprising immersive audio can be.


Bradford Benn UniversalMODERATOR: Bradford Benn, CTS is Manager, Audio Video Systems at Universal Creative and has been involved in Audio, Video, Control, and Lighting design and installation for over 25 years. His comprehensive range of projects stretches from conference rooms to stadiums and from hockey arenas to theme parks. Bradford’s roles in the industry have included integrator, manufacturer, and now end-user or owner’s representative.

He was responsible for the Theme Park vertical market while employed by Harman Professional Systems. After leaving Harman, Bradford joined Universal Creative as a Manger for Audio, Video, Lighting, and Projection to design the future of fun and next generation experiences. This was a return to his roots; while working as an integrator he designed the audio video systems for multiple Universal attractions.

During his long career Bradford has architected the digital audio network infrastructures for multiple stadiums and campuses. He also developed new products at Harman as well as finding new ways to use existing technologies. In his spare time, Bradford can still be found behind a computer as part of AVNation. He writes blogs and articles for various trade magazines sharing his personal opinions and experiences with the industry. He also enjoys photography and has had work appear in multiple magazines.

Eric Cantrell, BARCOEric Cantrell is Product Manager, Medialon Show Control at Barco. Eric has been telling stories with AV technology his entire career. Starting off in stage management and lighting for live theatre, Eric discovered show control technology working on cruise ships.

Bringing together audio, video, lighting, and special effects with the secret sauce, timing, is what attracted him to show control, ultimately landing him his current position as Product Manager for the Medialon show control product line at Barco. He is an active participant in #AVinTheAM industry discussions Sunday mornings on Twitter.

Joseph WhiteJoseph White is President/Lead Designer, Crafted Design. Joseph, an engineer at heart, has always taken a logical, first principles approach to solving problems. After interviewing industry professionals, he determined the best way into the industry was to start at the bottom. In college, he ran the multimedia department, after which, he took a job building racks. From there, he began doing installs, engineering changes, drawing red-lines, and designing full systems.

Joseph’s reputation for excellence and flexibility leading project teams has led to success on some of the biggest, and coolest projects (that no one is allowed to talk about). He firmly believes that every system sound be carefully designed to fit both the budget and time frame required, without sacrificing the end result. Holding designs to the highest of standards, Joseph has the experience and expertise to ensure that he, and the team here at Crafted Design achieve those standards every single time.

Rick Morris Falcon's CreativeRick Morris is Director of Sound at Falcon’s Creative. Rick joined the Falcon’s team as a former Principal at Maverick Sound, a post-production sound mixing and design studio based out of Winter Garden, Florida. For over a decade Maverick Sound provided sound mixing and design services for various Falcon’s Creative Group’s attractions and worked alongside Falcon’s as one of our most committed vendors.

Now as Director of Sound, Rick brings his expertise and helps guide Falcon’s sound design services. During his time working alongside Falcon’s, Rick has provided sound design and mixing services to attractions such as Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex’s Heroes & Legends, Dragon’s Treasure in City of Dreams Casino Macau, Turtle Trek at SeaWorld Orlando and various attractions at Dubai Parks & Resorts.

Rick also has a list of feature film credits including films like Heat, The Prince of Egypt, Pocahontas, The Negotiator and Fair Game. He also has a television credits for shows including Law & Order, NYPD Blue, Evening Shade and Fortune Hunter.

Rick has also been nominated for an Academy Award for his work in Face/Off for Best Sound Editing for a Motion Picture. In addition, Rick has been nominated for Golden Reel Awards for his work on The Negotiator, Law & Order, and Road Racers. Rick’s vast experience in sound design is an invaluable resource in the themed entertainment industry. Sound is one of the most vital aspects of an immersive experience and having Rick’s dedication, portfolio, and accomplishments continue to catapult Falcon’s into the cutting edge of immersive design and media production.

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IS182: Storytelling with Sound for Attractions

FRI 14 JUNE 2019, 10 – 11 AM, W307CD

Image: Universal Parks

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