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Strada Shape Future of Brand Experience with BMW MINI


Strada, experts in high tech branded entertainment design, have delivered a new BMW MINI brand experience.  

The Strada team has taken the definition of conventional auto marketing campaign to the next level with their work on the design of the MINI brand space for Asia’s first BMW Driving Center and the unveiling of the new MINI F56.

BMW Driving Center: BMW MINI Brand Experience 

BMW Driving Center: BMW MINI Brand Experience by Strada

In August, 2014, BMW AG opened its first Driving Center in Asia to the public.  Located in Incheon, Korea, the investment totals 75.5 million US Dollars to 2020.  Strada is proud to be a part of this exciting journey and create the BMW MINI brand experience space with the world’s first parallax interactive auto brand experience design engineering, and provide sustainable contents and application service updates.  

BMW MINI Entertainment concept

Strada have transformed conventional marketing and advertising into a state of the art entertainment strategy to meet the expectations of today’s consumers. 

Strada’s BMW MINI entertainment concept updates the conventional automotive showroom, bringing customers into an environment more like a high tech theme park or hybrid family entertainment center. 

Existing car dealerships or brand experience centers may use new media tools to create digital catalogues or video displays.  However, drawing on their deep understanding of the latest technology, Strada have pushed the boundaries of brand experience design to create an interactive environment where people can play with elements of the unique MINI brand.    

Imagination beyond brand experience

Strada create interactive brand experience at BMW Driving Center Korea

The MINI Live Experience is designed with large format Augmented Reality, Kinect motion engine, 220inch multi touch, motion detection sensor and other proprietary engineering solution developed by the Strada R&D team. These engineering advances allow the MINI Live Wall to detect the user’s location and showcase different types of animations and interactions.  One of the key ideas is to create an integrated augmented reality space where users are able to see products, animation and themselves at the same time.   


BMW MINI live is designed with parallax design and hardware engineering. Unlike conventional interactive works, Platform contents can be easily updated without significant content update costs and can be used for various offline promotion events and web content updates.  Regardless of display and new media hardware form factors, BMW MINI live can be modified and reused for multiple brand entertainment requirements.  

Currently, Strada provides 8 brand modes and plans to constantly update new interactive brand applications for upcoming new MINI flagship cars.  

Featured designs 

AR Brand Entertainment mode:

Strada create branded entertainment at BMW Driving Center Korea

Augmented Reality motion mini cars detect user location and present various animations. This family entertainment mode supports large format AR entertainment, photo shooting, email and SNS integration for users. 

VR Product showcase mode

Strada create VR Product Showcase at BMW Drive Center Korea

Users are able to rotate the car by 360 degrees and change colors, and can also share their favorite car and color scheme with friends. 

Virtual Showroom mode

Strada create virtual showroom at BMW Drive Center Korea

Beyond the physical space limitation, users are able to browse entire MINI lines in real size. Systems support detailed car information and engine sounds, dealer locations and other product sales focused showroom environments.   


Strada create hospitality mode for brand experience at BMW Driving Center Korea

Platform provides interactive gallery mode based on all the user generated content created by visitors.  

Campaign mode

Strada create brand experience at BMW Drive Center Korea

Advertising mode supports various commercial content and campaign videos created by MINI. 

BMW MINI F56: ‘Not Normal’ Unveiling 

Strada deliver brand experience for BMW MINI F56: ‘Not Normal’ Unveiling

‘Not Normal’ has been a marketing slogan for MINI for several years and BMW Mini Korea wanted to showcase its new MINI in totally different way.  

Strada was commissioned by BMW MINI to unveil the new BMW MINI F56 with a game changing interactive entertainment design.  Strada’s strategy was created to convey the excitement of driving the new MINI rather delivering a conventional racing model photo session.   

The platform was inspired by an F1 paddock, equipped with a 400inch LED, motion accelerator panel, motorized shutters and other Strada technical innovations.  

Strada first engineered the paddock architecture with an interactive LED display and mechanical kiosk to simulate the excitement of cooper S driving.  The Strada team filmed 18 driving movies and special 3D effects to create the excitement of the New Mini driving experience.   Users are able to simulate actual driving sequences by choosing green and sports modes on the kiosk and pressing the accelerator to cruise 18 different locations, resulting in 3 different results based on the individual’s driving style.  At the end of experience, drivers can send their results to friends. 

Strada create BMW MINI F56 garage for launch

Unlike a conventional disposable event design, BMW MINI paddock is designed with mobility and sustainable parallax design for various MINI brand campaign needs in 2014.

MINI Paddock is an integrated new media platform that supports various MINI BTL marketing activities in various locations. Without major infrastructural reinvestment, MINI Paddock is designed for various new product updates and showcase for museum, pop up store and dealer promotion.  

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