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Swamp Motel announces first live show ‘The Drop’, opening in London

Swamp Motel is opening an immersive show in London called The Drop from November 13.

swamp motel the drop

Swamp Motel, a creative agency and production house in the immersive sector, is opening a live show in London called The Drop on November 13, following the success of its Isklander trilogy.

Swamp Motel’s Isklander trilogy of online mystery experiences includes Plymouth Point, The Mermaid’s Tongue and The Kindling Hour. The Drop is taking place from November 13 to December 31.

The theatrical thriller will take audiences to London’s criminal underworld. Guests will explore a hidden world created for a maximum of four people at a time.

Swamp Motel show opens November 13

swamp motel the drop

The story begins in 1912, when London bookbinders were commissioned to create a luxurious binding for The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. The bejewelled book became known as ‘The Great Omar’.

‘The Great Omar’ was purchased by a buyer and packed aboard the RMS Titanic. The book never made it to its destination, its secrets never recovered. Until now…

The Drop is Swamp Motel‘s most ambitious production to date. The company is transforming an abandoned location in east London for the experience, which uses cutting-edge technology and inventive storytelling.

Ollie Jones and Clem Garritty, who co-founded Swamp Motel in 2017, said: “We can’t wait to make our return to live entertainment with The Drop.

The Drop follows the Isklander trilogy

“It’s an ambitious and elaborate production that explores the rich history and tale of tragedy surrounding one of the world’s most famous texts, ‘The Great Omar’.”

“Like all our work, audiences will be right at the centre of the story, a story we hope will leave them questioning what was real and what wasn’t long after they leave,” they added.

“This has been a long time in the making for us so we’re particularly excited to premiere it in our home city of London this autumn as the culture scene bounces back to life.”

Also, Plymouth Point, The Mermaid’s Tongue and The Kindling Hour have relaunched with new features and challenges. Tickets for The Drop go on sale on September 24.

Images: Swamp Motel

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