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Tyffonium launches Tarot VR in occult, magic and horror LBE

tarot vr

Tyffonium has dabbled with the occult with the launch of a new, location-based, virtual reality experience – Tarot VR: Voyage of Reverie.

Tyffonium, developed and managed by Tyffon, has received investment from the Walt Disney Company, ZAPPALLAS and SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS INC..

The entertainment theatre blends virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) for an immersive, mixed reality (MR) experience.

Tarot VR, now open at the company’s flagship Odaiba location, is co-developed by Tyffon and Zappallas – the leading fortune-telling contents provider worldwide.

Tarot VR makes the divination experience and tarot reading the story itself. The game offers people a new way to understand the symbolic meaning behind their chosen tarot card by exploring a virtual world based on their choice.

After the experience, visitors will receive a real card with the same design as the tarot card experienced in the VR space, as well as an explanatory book containing your result.

Magic, occult and horror in VR

As well as Tarot VR, Tyffonium currently has two more experiences on offer – Corridor and Fluctus. In Corridor, players can explore an old, abandoned house and its terrifying occupants, while Fluctus invites gamers to sail a ghost shop through a fantasy parallel universe.

Corridor is reported to be so scary that 1 out of every in 100 participants are too afraid to complete the experience.

Amid the trend for magic-themed entertainment, Jeson Zheng’s fledgling Novaex Group plans to develop multiple themed entertainment projects across China. Under the Magic Castle brand, they will fuse immersive technology with theatrical illusion and storytelling.

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Image: Tyffonium

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