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Uncle Ringo Awards 2015 Carnival Debit Card System to Semnox


A leading Singapore carnival equipment rental and events planning company will be implementing Semnox’s award-winning Debit Card System for their annual carnival.

Uncle Ringo has been organising fun-fairs, theme parties, product launches, school events and fund-raisers across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China for 28 years.  The company holds a carnival every year as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations. 

“Our experience with Semnox has been nothing but awesome, ” comments Joyce, Sales Director at Uncle Ringo. “The Parafait system has assisted to do real-time monitoring of the stations at our carnival. The card system has made monitoring our POS much easier and at the same time reducing pilferages. Reports from the system assisted with post-event evaluation greatly, thus allowing us to improve our operations constantly. As my operations grow, I see how stable the system is. Even with additional readers and a bigger event space, I faced no hiccups.” 

“Our entire business is focused on building innovative software and supporting it with progressive services for our customers around the world, ” says Kiran Karanki, Director, Semnox Solutions. “Our priority when building the system was to make sure it is scalable, versatile and at the same time portable so that companies such as Uncle Ringo who operate yearly carnivals can use a stable system.” 

Joyce observes that one of the greatest benefits of the system is the reports generated at the end of the day/event: “This is one area which was difficult for us to do when we were using traditional paper tokens. We could not track the collection from each stall as counting the tickets at the end of the day was very laborious and wasted a lot of time.” 

“We are pleased that a well renowned carnival such as Uncle Ringo has chosen Semnox for implementing a complete cashless solution to operate and manage their carnival, ” adds Karanki. “This engagement with Uncle Ringo now positions Semnox as a leading provider of Cashless Debit Card Systems in the world.” 

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