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Vennersys highlights how visitor management systems improve the customer experience

VenposCloud can help operators to reduce waiting times and make data-driven decisions.

Vennersys interactive screen

Vennersys, the integrated ticketing, retail and visitor management company, is showcasing how a visitor management system such as its VenposCloud solution can help attractions to provide a better and more streamlined customer experience.

All operators know that the customer experience is key. But as technology develops and more people are using digital tools in their everyday life, attractions must keep up to date and adapt to the changing expectations and needs of their visitors. For instance, the internet means that, mostly, whatever people want is just a click away, making society, in general, a little less patient.

To counter this, visitor management systems can help operators to reduce waiting times and to provide a better customer experience.

The customer experience is key

Thanks to the latest technology, attractions can now get a better understanding of their customer experiences. For example, operators can easily obtain feedback through online surveys, reviews and social media quicker than ever before. However, the speed at which this information can be gathered should be matched by the attraction’s ability to give customers what they want and deliver above their expectations.

With competition on all sides, attractions must take a customer-centric approach across all touchpoints, creating a reputation for excellent customer service.

When visitors are on-site, they want to spend as much time as possible having fun, not waiting in queues. A good visitor management system allows operators to quickly and easily process admissions, food orders and the sale of tickets, leading to a reduction in waiting times across all touchpoints and, in turn, a better customer experience.


Vennerys’ visitor management system, VenposCloud uses a common-sense journey when processing transactions, which is simple for staff to follow. VenposCloud can also process multiple transactions including memberships, gift vouchers, gift aid, food orders and advance tickets for events.

In addition, the system’s reporting feature means that operators can generate a variety of reports, helping them to better understand their visitors and to make data-driven, informed decisions. This can help generate more revenue as well as creating loyal, returning customers.

Lisa Bentham, Operations Director, says: “Having the right Visitor Management System in place can improve the efficiency of your business and increase your revenue. Our system provides a multitude of ticket options including timed and capacity limited ticketing which can boost your revenue.

“Our upsell feature allows you to create customised offers to increase revenue and generate brand loyalty. This is an ample opportunity to tie in with your catering facilities or to offer extras like a tour guidebook or branded merchandise. The data from our reports can be used to nurture loyalty and encourage more spend by distributing personalised promotions.”

Vennersys recently implemented VenposCloud at the Tudor-era Hall Place and Gardens in Bexley, London.

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