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Vortex Spashpads Open in Florida at Bradenton Riverwalk and DeBary Park


The season for splashing isn’t over in Florida: 2 new Splashpads open to rave reviews!

2 new Vortex Splashpads have opened in the state of Florida just in time for a few weekends of splashing before they are shut down for the winter.  Bradenton (see image above) and DeBary are the latest communities to enjoy the multitude of benefits that a Splashpad® can provide.

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Bradenton Riverwalk Splashpad®

Vortex Bradenton Riverwalk Splashpad

In June 2010, the Downtown Development Authority hired Kimley-Horn & Associates to design a substantial improvement and extension of the Riverwalk on the Manatee River’s Rossi Waterfront Park between 9th Street West and 6th Street East in Bradenton, FL.  Construction began in early 2011 and was completed in October 2012. Bradenton’s “Sandpile” as the area along the Manatee River had become known has been transformed into a 1.5 mile long park that includes a Splashpad®, skatepark, tidal discovery zone, kayak launch, beach volleyball, fishing pier, rowing venue, shaded areas to read and lounge, and a 20-slip day dock. The park also features outdoor art with interactive sculptures and history of the Manatee River.


With its unique painted concrete, the Splashpad® at Riverwalk is sure to please children old and young alike. With over 30 individual jets, the Splashpad® is not only a great way for kids to cool off, but is also a great design element to the park adding the dynamic jets and flows of water to compliment the natural surroundings.

Downtown Development Authority Executive Director Dave Gustafson said:  “When you hear all these potential starts and stops and the economy killing things you just keep trying to put the pieces together… It’s been on the mayor’s bucket list, the city council’s bucket list and the bucket lists of countless others. And now it has come to fruition… City fathers and mothers always thought they needed to provide something to the public… It’s not very often cities have this kind of a feature.”

DeBary Park Splashpad®

Vortex DeBary Park Splashpad®

Just in time to enjoy a few weekends of Splashpading, the new aquatic playground at DeBary park has just opened.

The Splashpad® offers something for everyone with a selection of aquatic play features from the Basics design line. Younger children can enjoy the pleasant bubbling ground sprays, while older children are sure to get drenched by the dumping buckets. The fun doesn’t stop there! The Splashpad® also features a couple of loop cannons that help spark the imagination and give an unexpected twist to creative games! In order to save water and make sure that the Splashpad® is only in use when needed, a Foot Activator was installed. When children arrive at the Splashpad®, all they need to do is step on the activator and the spray sequence begins. Once the sequence is over, all a child has to do is step on the activator and the fun begins anew!

“This is so wonderful for the children and families of DeBary. Look at it. It is phenomenal, ” said Council Member Lita Handy-Peters at the grand opening ceremony.

“It’s always good when we build things for our children, ” said Volusia County Council Member Pat Northey.

Children came to the Splashpad® grand opening ready to get wet. They said they had played at other area Splashpads and classified DeBary’s as “Awesome”.

“This one is more better than all of them, ” they said.

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