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American Wave Machines to Create 2 Acre Surf Lake at BSR Cable Park and Resort


World leader in wave technology, American Wave Machines, is partnering BSR Cable Park and Resort near Waco, Texas to create a 2-acre surf lake.

The new attraction, which includes accommodation cabins and a full service surf shop, is AWM’s largest PerfectSwell® installation to date.

American Wave Machines to Create 2 Acre Surf Lake at BSR Cable Park and Resort

Bruce McFarland (header image above right), AWM’s President, described the resort’s owner, Stuart Parsons (left), as ‘the right guy in the right place at the right time’:

“What he’s created at BSR is amazing, he’s a visionary guy. This is an operating ranch.  I saw more wildlife in 4 hours at BSR than I’ve seen in years of hiking and mountain biking.  My whole team is totally stoked to work with the folks at BSR.”

In preparation for the project, pro surfers Jamie O’Brien and Cheyne Magnusson have been programming and testing waves at the AWM laboratory.

“I feel like we’re going to be getting so many good waves we’re going to be overloaded, ” commented O’Brien.

Parsons, whose resort is ranked the No 1 cable park in the US, praised the flexibility of the PerfectSwell technology:

“I like that PerfectSwell can create an infinite variety of waves appealing to surfers of all levels, and no need for special pool bottom contours. I did my research and American Wave Machines came out on top.  They’ve been installing all kinds of wave systems all over the world for the last 10 years with a 100% track record.”

This latest contract adds to the growing swell of interest in out-of-ocean surfing worldwide. AWM is currently fulfilling PerfectSwell commissions in New Jersey and Russia.

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