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Aquaria Redesign at Dubai’s Burj Al Arab – Pangea Rocks


Burj Al Arab in Dubai is the only seven-star hotel in the world and it takes something quite extraordinary to keep a status as the world’s leading and most luxurious hotel.  That is why only the best people are called in to handle the soon to be renovation and redesign of the aquaria of the hotel.

Pangea Rocks is the European leading company in the field of designing and building decorations in fun parks, aquaria grounds and in zoos, and the company contracts a long row of large-scale projects all over the world.

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Pangea Rocks has just signed the large Dubai contract in a fierce competition with other strong international decorations companies from, among other places, USA and Asia.  The hotel chose the company because Pangea Rocks is known for manufacturing the best artificial corals in the world and for offering a state-of-the-art quality in all aspects.

Two enormous aquaria in the lobby of Burj Al Arab welcome the guests and it is for this area that Pangea Rocks is about to start creating new decorations.
“We will remove the existing decoration and replace it with new, enormous reefs and artificial corals.  There will be very large mirrors and LED light supplementing the whole decoration and this will re-create the fantastic light that can be experienced when under the surface of the ocean” says Jan Moeller, Managing Director of Pangea Rocks.

Pangea Rocks also has other challenging projects on their order books.  At the moment they are making decorations for the new Denmark’s Aquarium situated in Kastrup close to Copenhagen City, and the company also is working on the design of what eventually will become the absolute largest aquarium in India containing 5, 300 m3 of water. This aquarium will be situated in New Delhi and will contain everything from small shrimps to penguins, sharks and mermaids!

For further info please contact
Pangea Rocks A/S
Att.:  Direktør Jan Møller
Navervej 13
6800 Varde
Phone +45  75 22 34 32

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