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Bobbejaanland introduce pay-as-you-go pricing app

Bobbejaanland expansion with triple launch coaster

Bobbejaanland has scrapped its entry fee in favour of a pay-as-you-go app, where visitors only pay for the minutes that they are present in the park. Visits can cost as little as €0.12 per minute.

The innovative pricing structure will utilise an app called Tapperuse. The app has been used in children’s playgrounds, swimming pools and saunas. Payment will be processed through AfterPay.

The hourly cost comes to 7.20 euros per hour – but the price will never exceed that of a day ticket which is currently €35.50.

Wilbert Witkamp, ​​inventor of Tapperuse, told RTL News: “Our app should be an easy tool that lets you find leisure time spending where you can pay per minute.”

Dynamic pricing at Disney, Merlin

Disney executives are looking at a dynamic pricing structure along the lines of those operated by airlines, in which prices are dependent on when the ticket is purchased. Encouraging visitors to buy tickets further in advance, even if it’s only one day ahead of their visit, will allow parks to plan more easily.

Personalised or dynamic pricing has been tested recently by Merlin Entertainments at SEA LIFE Scheveningen, where the Convious AI software doubled online revenue.

Bobbejaanland theme park was founded by Flemish guitarist and singer Bobbejaan Schoepen in 1960. It was a musical theatre on 30 hectares of drained marshland near Lichtaart.  Since then it has evolved into a forward-looking theme park with around 50 rides and attractions.

In 2016, the park opened its repurposed Vekoma Revolution coaster as Mount Mara, a VR-enhanced experience themed on a volcanic eruption. Prior to that, it opened an immersive tunnel ride called The Forbidden Caves, which takes visitors on a thrilling journey into mysterious caves, where danger – and supernatural creatures – lurk in every corner. Earlier this year, the park announced announced it is expanding with a new themed area covering 2 hectares that will include a range of new attractions.

Image courtesy Bobbejaanland.

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