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Capturelife unveils modern digital technologies for attractions

Three new products and services will transform the photography experience for guests and operators

Capturelife photography

Capturelife, the digital delivery and engagement solution, has announced the launch of three cutting-edge technologies: Capturelife Connections, Capturelife Kiosk and an International Print Store. Together, these products and services will transform the photography experience for both guests and operators.

Capturelife Connections

Capturelife Connections App

This new app enables photographers to stream from their camera direct to the visitor’s phone in virtual real-time. In combination with the company’s ability to create a range of personalised branded content, the app will help to drive sales and ongoing engagement with guests.

Operators will benefit from a streamlined, touchless workflow with this solution that integrates with popular DSLR cameras and allows for RFID, barcode and QR scanning. The app also integrates with guest reservation and ticketing systems and uses either mobile wifi or a data connection to simply transfer content from the camera to the Capturelife cloud.

Capturelife Kiosk

Meanwhile, the Capturelife Kiosk allows operators to stand up a point-of-sale operation in minutes. While guests have the option to view and buy content directly from their phone with the web app, the kiosk provides an extra retail experience that helps attractions operators to showcase their brand and convert more sales.

Capturelife Kiosk

Guests can use the kiosk to open and view their gallery easily, as it supports RFID, QR and barcode scans. For operators, the web-based kiosk system is also simple to use, as it is compatible with any touchscreen computer or tablet without the need for any extra software installation or maintenance. It can also be run as a fixed station or as a mobile sales experience, meaning operators can bring the kiosk to where the customers are.

The Capturelife Kiosk has full commerce capabilities, including package configuration and transaction processing, as well as support for various currencies.

International Print Store

Capturelife International Print Store

Finally, the new Capturelife International Print Store allows attractions to sell, ship and deliver content anywhere in the world. This means that guests can stay connected with the brand and the experience long after their visit, once they have returned to wherever they call home. This is a key revenue source for attractions.

Through the print store, visitors can browse an expanding catalogue of quality products, such as prints, home decor, photo gifts, drinkware and seasonal products, and have them shipped to locations around the world. While the store is branded for the attraction, Capturelife manages the complete process, from the browsing and purchasing experience to tax reporting, production and shipping.

The store also combines with Capturelife’s mobile marketing campaigns to convert post-experience sales.

Earlier this year, Capturelife announced it has become part of the ASG family, where it joins other industry-leading high volume photography solutions, ImageQuix and PhotoLynx.

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