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Disney offers “inside look” at technology

Guardians of the Galaxy Storytelling Coaster

A presentation from Bob Chapek during IAAPA’s 2018 expo has revealed some details of new initiatives and technologies in the company.

Bob Chapek, Chairman, Disney Parks, Experiences and Consumer Products, said at IAAPA: “when the happiest place on earth opened in 1955 it set a new standard and since that day we have invented and reinvented nearly every aspect of this industry, setting new standards along the way.

“Walt never intended his parks to become museums where people come to see Disney history, instead they are living things.”

Chapek spoke about customisation at a Disney visit, pointing towards Magic Bands.

Chapek spoke about investment into Cast Members at Disney. Noting that the company is 1st in Forbe’s list of the World’s Best Regarded Companies, and 4th in World’s Best Employers, Chapek said: “we are committed to raising the bar higher and higher, and that’s what’s behind Disney Aspire.”

Disney Aspire is a new education programme for hourly employees with a range of subjects and tuition paid upfront.

Disney Aspire will offer opportunities to over 80,000 hourly Cast Members and employees of the Walt Disney Company.

The Walt Disney Company will cover all of tuition costs upfront. It will also reimburse application fees and   required books and materials. Staff will also have flexibility in their studies. They can study things that are not related to their role at the company.

Chapek also offered some small details about the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy coaster ride. This included a look at the concept art of the coaster cars, and confirmation to the expected rumor that they will  use a rotation system to point the riders in the direction of the various scenes that play out during the adventure.

Calling it a “Storytelling Coaster” experience, Chapek said: “each individual cab will be programmed to direct your eye to the story happening around you. That means instead of whizzing by the action, you’ll be fully immersed in the story from the minute you launch”.

Chapek concluded: “We will always be proud of our heritage, but we will always continue to evolve.”

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Michael Mander

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