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Dynamic Attractions Present Five Revolutionary New Amusement Rides at AAE Beijing


Dynamic Attractions have chosen to reveal five innovative new attractions at the Asian Attractions Expo in Beijing. 

Peter Schnabel, Dynamic Attractions' President, says,  “Dynamic Attractions has built rides on nearly every continent except Antarctica.  The exploding growth of the industry in Asia makes the Asian Attractions Expo an irresistible location to launch our full product line.”

Schnabel goes on to explain how the synchronicity of new projection technologies, advanced sound and precision engineering creates cutting edge amusement ride experiences.

He says, “We focus on making the rider feel like they are in the middle of an adventure movie, surrounded by sights and sounds that are as thrilling as the ride itself. 

“All our dynamic media based attractions place the rider in the middle of a thrilling experience.  It feels like magic to them.” 

SFX Coaster™ 

A thrilling dark ride, high-speed, catapult launch coaster synchronized with high definition, immersive sound and visual presentations.  Advanced track engineering innovations have been combined in the SFX Coaster™ to create groundbreaking vehicle motion capabilities.

Trackless Ride Vehicle 

Using experience gained controlling complex motion devices and robots for the Harry Potter® ride, Dynamic Attractions’ new series of Trackless Ride Vehicles incorporate multi-axis motion platforms or robot arms and the most advanced control devices.

Dynamic Attractions Trackless Ride Vehicles

Flying Theatre™ 

The next generation of our Flying Theatre™ offers a family experience as guests are suspended in air for an immersive smooth new ride that builds on the legacy of Disney’s Soarin’®.  True Flight Motion™ is created with engineered design that provides the optimum degree of pitch and heave.

Immersive Transporter 

The Immersive Transporter is a full sensory experience as guests are surrounded by special effects. The transporter’s unique, multi-axis base provides True Off-Road Action™ and front-to-front seating extends sightlines.

Circumotion Theatre™ 

Circumotion is a 360-degree dome theatre with seating on a massive round motion based that lifts, tilts, drops and rotates.

Dynamic Attractions Circumotion Theatre™

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