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Entertainment Booking Concepts: How Planning Ahead Enhances the Guest Experience


Adventure Resource Planner(ARP) – No queues – More rides – More revenue

Adventure Resource Planner (ARP), the flagship product from Entertainment Booking Concepts, is a 3-in-1 web based system offering a combined Line Management System, Operation Management System and CRM.

First launched in 2005 at LEGOLAND Billund and also used at Ocean Park Hong Kong, ARP predates by many years Disney’s new FastPass+ service, and is the only product in the industry that offers a reservation based system, rather than virtual queuing, allowing visitors to plan ahead.  Since FastPass+ is a Disney system, ARP is the only product of its kind on the market today.

Extract from a blog about a visit to Legoland with Quick Passes from a Dutch website aimed at families dating back to 2007: 

“Wat verder handig is om te weten is dat Legoland met Quick Passes werkt.”

English Translation: “It’s also good to know that Legoland with Quick Passes works.“

Adventure Resource Planner

Scheduling: Empower – Personalise – Enhance

With ARP, guests schedule their day using their own internet device – smart phone, tablet or pc – so there is no hardware for attractions to supply and maintain. 

The reservation based system means that guests do not have to waste time queuing however that is just the beginning of the positive benefits.

Planning ahead, especially as a group, creates a fundamentally different and enhanced shared experience.

The experience starts typically one to three months before the visit when guests start planning their visit together on their own internet devices.  Visiting the attraction’s site and figuring out together what the group and the individual members want to do is an experience in itself, building a schedule that everyone can agree on and look forward to ahead of the trip.

“You don’t have to tell little Johnny: 'We will try and find Mickey Mouse later if we can.' You can  instead say, 'We have an appointment with Mickey at 1pm.' ” (Tom Staggs Disney Chairman Parks  and Resorts, About.Com Theme Parks 2014)

And on the day of the visit there is:Adventure Resource Planner from entertainment booking concepts

  • No hassle
  • No stress 
  • No separation of the group
  • No disagreements about what to do – there is an agreed schedule
  • AND of course no lines at all!

On a Swedish forum site a family plans a theme park visit using ARP:

"Om vi ska hålla ihop och få chansen att uppleva detta tillsammans och bör vi göra en gigantisk kollobokning. Går ju lätt om vi samlar ihop alla åldrar, längder och namn. 

English Translation: "If we are to stay together and get the chance to experience this together and we should make a giant group reservation.  Easy after we collect all ages, lengths, and names."

The Digical Experience

Today it is increasingly important for attractions to be able to offer customisation and personalisation demanded by the more Tech savvy guests.  They want the Digical (Digital-Physical Mashups) experience made by themselves that ARP offers.  And of course for those guests who are not yet ready to do this, they can also use the ARP service, choosing the Adventure Resource Planner at Ocean Parkbook-as-you-go onsite option.

It goes without saying that improved guest experiences mean better business results for an attraction. Both in terms of financial results and other metrics like higher scores on intent to return.

“We’ve seen a great boost in terms of guest service, ” says Todd Houghland,  Executive Director, Operations and Entertainment at Ocean Park Hong Kong regarding ARP in an interview with Blooloop.

Find out more about the benefits of offering book and plan in advance by downloading Entertainment Booking Concepts’ white paper here.

Or contact us:
CEO Peter Rødbro, Entertainment Booking Concepts
Phone: +45 2948 5968

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