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Entertainment Booking Concepts: Why it Pays to Look After Theme Park Visitors Who Plan Ahead

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Adventure Resource Planner(ARP) – No queues – More rides – More revenue

Entertainment Booking Concepts, providers of web based solutions for theme parks worldwide, know the benefits to be had for attractions who offer advance planning and booking capabilities to their guests.

Adventure Resource Planner from Entertainment Booking ConceptsTheir flagship product, Adventure Resource Planner (ARP), is a Reservation Line Management System first launched in 2005 at LEGOLAND Billund.  The 3-in-1 web based system offers a combined Line Management System, Operation Management System and CRM.

Who are the Planners?

Planners, visitors who like to prepare and plan an activity in advance to optimize their experience and save money make up the majority of theme park visitors.

How many of us are Planners?

Theme Park’s Vote of the Week, December 19, 2014, shows the following: 


These results are very much in line with research we have made in different countries where attractions are using our Line Management system Adventure Resource Planner.  Interestingly we found that around 70% of the guests who preplanned and booked their rides and subsequently made an itinerary for the visit are female.  This suggests that the majority of planners are mothers planning a family trip.

Another study with results in the seventies is the IAAPA Amusement Park Benchmark Study:

“Families with children 2-18 of age represent 78% of the primary target group demographic” of theme parks and attractions. 

And finally, The Orlando Sentinel reported on May 6, 2014:

“75% of resort guests book FastPass+ at WDW in advance and 25% of day guests”

The Benefits of Reservation Line Management

Together with, but predating, Disney’s new FastPass+ service, ARP is the only product in the industry that offers a reservation based system, rather than virtual queuing, that allows visitors to plan ahead.  

And since FastPass+ is a Disney system, ARP is the only product of its kind on the market today.

Disney says its research shows that travelers who do more preplanning spend more time on its property.

— Orlando Sentinel May 6, 2014

The theme parks we work with have seen strong improvement of key business objectives like:

  • Ride productivity: up to 20% increase in ride capacity
  • Guest experiences: no lines/queues
  • Overall business: increased revenue and profit

Find out more about the benefits of looking after planners by downloading Entertainment Booking Concepts’ white paper here.

Or contact us:

CEO Peter Rødbro, Entertainment Booking Concepts
Phone: +45 2948 5968

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