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Fantawild puts on special events for May holidays

Families enjoyed events celebrating Chinese culture, as well as firework shows and a Boonie Bears fun run

Fireworks Fantawild

Fantawild Holdings, a leading one-stop solution provider in the theme park industry, has celebrated the May holidays in China with several special events, from costume parades and firework shows to hot air balloons and a Boonie Bears-themed family fun run.

Many Fantawild parks across the country hosted a Fancy Chinese Costumes event, showcasing Chinese culture for a unique visitor experience. During the day, these parks held Chinese culture-themed fair with floats, while fireworks shows lit up the sky at night.

Chinese culture event fantawild

Celebrating Chinese culture

For instance, Changsha Fantawild Oriental Heritage park hosted a “fancy Chinese costume” activity, inviting Huang Jingxiang and Yang Fuyu, two famous promoters for Chinese culture. Almost 100 popular figures in the world of Chinese costumes also attended, as well as over 20 brands of Chinese costumes.

Meanwhile, Wuhu Fantawild Oriental Heritage park hosted six different interactive activities, including a costume show, a Chinese culture themed fair, a Chinese food street, a clothes changing event, and more. It also put on drone firework shows in the evenings.

Xiamen Fantawild Oriental Heritage park celebrated Chinese music with a series of events, featuring popular singers such as Zhisuxi, Xiaohun, Shaonianshuang, and more. For one special performance, visitors could enjoy modern music played by traditional Chinese instruments.

Elsewhere, the Fantawild park in Shenyang held a hot air balloon festival and model plane show, the Jiayuguan venue celebrated the movie Boonie Bears: The Wild Life and the Zhengzhou park held a Fantawild Animation Carnival.

Boonie Bears fun run Fantawild

Family fun run

Once again, Fantawild Parks also held popular Boonie Bears Family Run events around the country, reported on by China Central Television’s Brand Initiative program. Hundreds of thousands of families have attended this event which takes place in the spring and summer.

This year’s event is themed around “Happy running in Fantawild” and encourages families to enjoy healthy quality time together. Participants can enjoy several interactive outdoor games with figures from the popular animation.

One visitor, Mr Zhang, drove for two hours to attend the fun run with his 10-year-old son, and said: “I don’t have much time at home due to work, so I hope to spend more time with my kid through activities like this.”

The event has different scheduled and elements to suit children of different ages. “My kid is only 3 years old. I heard Fanatwild designed fun games for very little kids, so I came here for that particular reason,” said Mr Wang from Jingzhou.

Many Fantawild parks will soon be introducing themed night activities as well, to allow families to spend more time together.

Earlier this month, Fantawild announced that the first-ever Boonie Bears themed hotel is now open in Binhai New District in Tianjin, China.

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