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Hollyer Projects’ Vinyl Wrapping Service Offers an Efficient Way to Revitalise Attractions


Vinyl wrapping offers a cheaper and faster alternative to repainting attractions and produces a superb durable finish. 

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Richard Hollyer, MD of Hollyer Projects explains, “A wrap is a large vinyl graphic which is applied directly over the original paint of a vehicle, or ride carriage for instance.  Vinyl wrapping gives a beautiful, eye-catching finish in a fraction of the time taken to repaint, and at around just 60% of the cost. 

“The wrap protects the original surface finish but can be easily removed making it ideal for short term promotions or themes and sponsorship opportunities. 

“Digital images, including advertising graphics, can be incorporated easily, allowing designers a free reign to create fantastic finishes that simply could not be achieved with paint. 

“The process is so flexible that a mesh design can be incorporated which allows graphics to be overlaid on windows, maintaining a theme across an entire vehicle.”

Hollyer Projects has extensive experience of managing creative projects in the Attractions Industry, and has delivered vinyl wrapping solutions for clients that include Merlin Entertainment’s Alton Towers, Thorpe Park and SEA LIFE.

Weymouth SEA LIFE

Hollyer Projects Weymouth SEA LIFE Land Train vinyl wrapping before and after

SEA LIFE called in Hollyer Projects to rejuvenate the Weymouth’s land train, an iconic feature of the seaside town for many years. 

On taking delivery of the vehicle from the town council, Weymouth SEA LIFE General Manager Craig Dunkerley saw that the vehicle was in urgent need of repairs and a facelift.  With barely eight weeks to get the job turned round, Hollyer Projects restored the land train to pristine condition.  The vinyl wrapping process ensured that deadlines were met and the land train now has a beautifully themed and superb shiny finish. 

Dunkerley says, “I’ve known Richard Hollyer for 10 years.  He’s reliable and trustworthy and very creative.  He can take a project, understand what the business needs and just go with it.”


A summary of the advantages of vinyl wrapping over painting or re-spraying are:

  • Around 60% of the cost
  • Faster process
  • Superior finish
  • More flexible design options incorporating digital images
  • Protecting the original paintwork
  • Easily removable
  • Perfect for promotions and theming

Hollyer Projects Alton Towers Tea Cup ride vinyl wrapping before and after

About Hollyer Projects

Following a sculptural grounding in the 80s, Richard Hollyer was employed by Merlin Studios (formerly Tussauds Group Studios) for nearly 18 years.  He became one of the Studio’s project managers in 2003, delivering increasingly complex projects for the ever-growing portfolio of Merlin attractions.
Hollyer Projects manage creative installations from start to finish, providing a personal service, which includes project management, design, theme work and signage.  Richard is always keen to meet with clients at the earliest opportunity to discuss their requirements and to offer ideas and possible solutions for achieving their ultimate objective.

Hollyer Projects Thorpe Park car park kiosk vinyl wrapping before and after


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