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INDE Provides Innovative AR Technology for Nat Geo’s ‘Dino Autopsy’ Exhibition, Asia


Experience engineering specialist, INDE, has provided Augmented Reality (AR) technology for a travelling exhibition themed on National Geographic Channel’s hit documentary Dino Autopsy.

Unlike a conventional exhibit, 'T-Rex Revealed' uses INDE’s AR technology and photorealistic content to immerse visitors in the world of the dinosaurs.

INDE Provides Innovative AR Technology for Nat Geo’s 'Dino Autopsy' Exhibition,  AsiaThe ground-breaking attraction combines INDE’s brand new MobileAR dino experience for smartphones and tablets with Back to the Jurassic, an Appshaker BroadcastAR installation for large screens.

BroadcastAR gives guests the chance to interact with life-size dinosaurs and see themselves live on a huge LED wall. They can even have their photos taken with the virtual dinosaurs.

The MobileAR experience, curated in collaboration with the University of Hong Kong, provides the educational aspect of the exhibition, giving users insights into the latest research findings. It can also track objects to bring the animation to life.

A key benefit, according to INDE, is that these individual experiences allow guests to take their time to learn and explore, using either on-site tablets or a mobile device of their own.

The event has proved a huge draw, attracting 150, 000 visitors on its opening day in Shanghai.

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