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Lagotronics Projects launches 4th generation interactive technology

Lagotronics Projects 4th generation interactive technology

Lagotronics Projects, the media-based attractions specialist, has launched a new innovation in interactive systems for theme parks, FECs, museums and other LBE venues.

Lagotronicis Projects is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new positioning system, designed specifically for indoor and outdoor leisure areas. The innovative system, which is similar to GPS, allows for more opportunities in the field of interactive attractions.

Thanks to this development, operators can benefit from a system with high uptime and minimal maintenance. It is also reliable and durable, as it does not include the use of any cameras, mechanical wearing parts or lasers.

Lagotronics Projects’ new technology is ideal for both indoor and outdoor attractions. The accurate system features fast data communication for a streamlined guest experience.

The evolution of interactive ride technology

The first systems for interactive rides and attractions allowed for interaction with scenery, triggering sound, lighting, animatronics and special effects. These have evolved into smaller and more efficient technologies and are still widely used in dark rides and more.

Following the increased demand for media-based attractions, the company began developing a new interactive system, able to interact with media on monitors or video projections. This technology can also create a combination dark ride or attraction, including interaction with both media and scenery. In addition, it means that guests can see projectiles flying into the game or media.

Now, Lagotronics Projects has created a new kind of interactive positioning technology, marking the 4th generation of its interactive technologies.

CEO of Lagotronics Projects, Mark Beumers says: “Knowing the exact position of the interactive device and -at the same time- the pointing direction and entering this into a digital 3D environment makes this the ultimate interactive system. Now we know, at all times, where guests are located in a certain area and where their devices are aimed at.

“Imagine the endless opportunities this creates for interaction between guests and literally anything. Every object or component in the attraction, area or room can be made interactive or functioning as a target. Targets can even be variable and easily change locations over time creating multiple experiences in one.

“We can even interactively work with moving live actors! Besides, the technology makes it possible to interact with all kinds of displays; scenery, monitors, video projections and even all kinds of head-mounted displays (HMD).”

Last month, Lagotronics Projects announced a new interactive dark ride at Wild & Freizeitpark Klotten, called Kunibert’s Abenteuer.

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