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Lotte World reveals details of “Lotte’s Magic Forest” theme park, Busan

Lotte World has revealed new details of the "Lotte's Magic Forest" theme park development in Busan, designed by Legacy | GGE.

Lotte World has revealed new details of the “Lotte’s Magic Forest” theme park development in Busan.

With an innovative design by Legacy | GGE, the family resort in South Korea is expected to open in mid 2021.

The first phase of Lotte’s Magic Forest will feature over a dozen family rides and attractions, anchored by two signature roller coaster experiences in an area of over 100,000 square meters.  The new theme park will have its own unique design, completely different from Lotte World and unlike any theme park within Asia today, with six themed zones inspired by a different element of nature

Lotte World has revealed new details of the "Lotte's Magic Forest" theme park development in Busan, designed by Legacy | GGE.Marcus King, Legacy | GGE’s Senior Director of Project Management, says, “Our guiding concept here was to create Asia’s first European-style theme park, and to immerse guests in the charm and wonder of a magical garden environment.”

“Lotte’s Magic Forest” will be located in Busan’s Osiria district, next to the company’s East Busan Lotte Outlet Complex.  The new theme park will be one of a number of attractions under construction in the area.  Work is expected to begin on the site this summer with construction starting in early 2019.

Lotte World in Seoul has been operating for nearly 30 years, and is one of the top performing theme parks in the world, drawing in over 7 million visitors a year.  The company has worked closely with Legacy I GGE, formerly the Goddard Group and one of the world’s most successful independent design firms, in a strategic creative partnership to create themed zones lands and attractions as well as retail, shows and restaurants.

“Since 2011, we have enjoyed an incredible friendship with Lotte,” says Yaeli Chung, Legacy | GGE’s Managing Director of Korea, adding “’Lotte’s Magic Forest’ will mark our 10th project together. ‘Magic Forest’ also represents, by-far, our largest and most complex collaboration with Lotte to date.

“Lotte is one of Asia’s most trusted names in family entertainment. It’s for this reason that we felt an immense sense of responsibility to help design a park worthy of the Lotte name. We believe that when ‘Lotte’s Magic Forest’ is completed, it will be regarded as not only a commercial success, but a symbol of joy and happiness for generations to come.”

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