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Miniature Theme Park Madurodam Record Attendance for 2012


Madurodam, the miniature theme park in The Hague, Netherlands, ended 2012 with the highest number of visitors since 2001. Since its reopening in April 2012, the theme park had a total of 739, 694 visitors. Compared to 2011, this represents a madurodam miniature theme park logogrowth in visitor numbers of 36% for Madurodam (2011: 544, 538 visitors).
Managing Director, Joris van Dijk, looks back with satisfaction on a year of great change. “The nine months that Madurodam has been open this year have exceeded our wildest expectations. We are extremely pleased that visitors have again found their way to Madurodam and especially glad that the park is appreciated. In our satisfaction surveys, the park received a score of 8 out of 10 from visitors.”
Madurodam, normally open 365 days a year, closed in November 2011 for a major renovation. Madurodam had to become an interactive park and 8 million euro was invested during the closure to make this happen. Since its reopening in April, visitors to the park can learn about the major stories of the Netherlands. The inhabitants of Madurodam (the ‘Madurodammers’) bring these stories to life through more than 30 digital, interactive display screens, so that you can discover in half a day what makes Holland so special.
Madurodam in 2013

This winter, Madurodam started the second phase of the park’s renovation. In addition to improving the visitor facilities, a number of miniatures and ten digital screens will be added to the park in 2013. These renovations will be ready for the public from the end of March.
About Madurodam

Madurodam was established in 1952 to commemorate the Antillean war and resistance hero, George Maduro, and is one of the most famous day attractions in the Netherlands. Since its establishment, Madurodam’s proceeds have been going to the Madurodam Support Fund Society (Stichting Madurodam Steunfonds) which supports children’s charities.

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