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MiniLanka Heritage Park: eco-friendly, miniature theme park, Sri Lanka

MiniLanka mapping key sites

ICT4SIDS has announced plans for MiniLanka Heritage Park – an eco-friendly, miniature theme park project that will boost sustainable tourism in Sri Lanka.

The MiniLanka Heritage Park will be built in an accessible part of the countryside with a landscape design that will reflect the tear-drop shape of the island, reports Lanka Business Online.

It will showcase miniature replicas of the country’s landmarks. 3D scanning drones will capture the sites, and 3D printers will use recycled plastic waste to print the miniatures.

It is hoped that the project will be an internationally top-rated tourist attraction.

The developers cited Miniature Park in Rimini, Italy, as a reference point for the project. The park was built in 1970 and has 273 miniatures. It welcomes half a million visitors each year.

Development will also include a number of other facilities. These include eco-certified bungalows for overnight guests as well as shopping and dining facilities.

There will be a number of pavilions educating visitors around topics related to sustainability. They will utilise technology trends such as augmented and virtual reality, gamification and access to big data banks etc.

ICT4SIDS is co-ordinating the development of the MiniLanka Heritage Park. They are working with international expert on miniature cities Erik Rorsch, environmental designer Christiaan Kruis, and Thrimana, who will provide 3D scanning and 3D printing.

Modern technology, recycled waste

Erik Rorsch said: “Sri Lanka has 8 UNESCO world heritage sites and wonderful natural attractions but not too many people do know that. A miniature park is a great way to show Sri Lanka to the rest of the world all in one place. Visitors of MiniLanka Heritage Park will be able to admire 50-100 models of important Sri Lanka buildings, heritage and nature sites and the models will be made with modern technology, using for the first time recycled plastic waste. That’s sustainability!! Around the model park itself you will find pavilions about history, energy, mobility, hospitality, water, food and the future. Get ready for half a day of great fun!!”

Rajitha de Silva, CEO of Thrimana, said: “Thrimana is the leading 3D printer brand in Sri Lanka and having the largest market share. We have conducted several research projects to enhance the technology as well as find the possibilities of applying 3D printing for other fields. One of our projects was to identify the capability of applying 3D scanning and 3D printing for preserving historical sites. We are proud to say that we are the only organization which conducted such program in Sri Lanka. So we are really happy to partner with this initiative and support to achieve the objectives.”

Preliminary plans have been produced and within 8 months developers will produce a full feasibility study and a master plan. ICT4SIDS is seeking investors.

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