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Mirage Entertainment’s Stunt Show, “The Pinkerton Man”, Debuts at Silver Dollar City


For fans of the cowboy era, Mirage Entertainment’s production of “The Pinkerton Man” stunt show at Silver Dollar City Mirage Entertainment's Stunt Show, The Pinkerton Man,  at Silver Dollar Cityin Branson, Missouri, is definitely a must-see!  The live performance is a folksy action comedy take on the first female agent of the storied Pinkerton’s detective agency in the old west (famous for hunting the likes of Jesse James and Cole Younger). 

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The new show on the park’s 4, 000 seat Echo Hollow Amphitheater, featuring live animals (such as horses, Ponies, Donkeys, and an exceptionally well-trained pig), is expected to draw an Mirage Entertainment's live stunt show, The Pinkerton Man,  at Silver Dollar Cityaudience of 50, 000 in its first two month run.  Opening with a spectacular slide-for-life entrance over the audience, the production also features 16 performers, exciting special effects, and music by the much-loved “Sons of the Silver Dollar” park band. 

Surpassing all expectations, the success of the show has established a strong working relationship between the California-based entertainment company and the Missouri tourist mecca, itself one of the most unique theme parks in the region, with its well-known, homespun appeal.  Based on mutual satisfaction with “The Pinkerton Man”, Mirage anticipates the opportunity to produce next season’s show, as well.Mirage Entertainment's live stunt show, The Pinkerton Man,  at Silver Dollar City

But even such a well-received production doesn’t come without its own specific challenges.  Show Manager, Joe Torrey had to overcome some slight difficulties in conforming the new show to its pre-existing set.  “The existing stage did present some blocking challenges to the production team and the performers, ” said Torrey.  “But we worked our way around those to achieve the optimum results.” 

This is all business as usual for Mirage Entertainment, according to Producer David Draves.  “The whole team at Silver Dollar City are professional and fabulous, ” he said.  They use their creativity and expertise to bring everything off seamlessly in the end – and the results, here, shows it!”      

Mirage Entertainment is a global leader in the live entertainment industry, with shows and attractions currently running on 3 continents, world-wide.

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