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MK Themed Attractions announces new dinosaur concept

MK Themed Attractions

MK Themed Attractions, the Danish theming expert, has a new complete themed concept ready to be installed, featuring a range of life-size, realistic dinosaurs.

MK Themed Attractions is pleased to announce that it has a brand new dinosaur concept ready to be delivered to amusement parks and FECs who are wanting an immersive themed solution. This is an ideal choice for operators looking to create themed areas without extensive design costs.

The company has an extensive portfolio of products and solutions, including, but not limited to, its scary and comic Halloween collection of themed items. Its quality themed fibreglass items are available as part of a complete concept or as single items.

MK Themed Attractions

Highly detailed concepts

“Our portfolio of concepts has exploded over the last couple of years, from having mostly Halloween and Christmas decoration we now also have real pirates, food, and tons of animals including this brand new and highly detailed Dinosaur concept ready to be installed,” says Lars Nielsen, Themed Attractions Specialist at MK Themed Attractions

MK Themed Attractions

The dinosaurs are life-sized, adding to their authenticity. This includes 5.5 metre high brachiosaurs and two different velociraptors. The company also offers different sized T-Rex head that can be made to come out of walls and entrances to help create an immersive experience. These are highly-crafted and life-like creations made my MK Themed Attractions’ skilled team of designers, sculptors and painters.

These themed concepts are ready to install, and the company can help to deliver a complete solution for a range of attractions and FECs.

MK themed attractions

MK Themed Attractions is also pleased to announce that it will be re-theming the Speedzone area at Walibi Holland. This follows the company’s successful work on the park’s Untamed and Wilderness areas and is part of a series of re-theming projects taking place at the park over the next couple of years.

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