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nFusion’s Insights explore the complexities of themed destination development


nFusion, a brand of The Companies of Nassal, has launched an industry ‘Insights’ blog series to help guide developers and stakeholders through the complex process of delivering cultural and entertainment destinations.

“Developing destinations requires thousands of tasks and decisions,” says nFusion managing director, Martin Zurauskas. “When approached correctly, with proper planning and scheduling, those tasks and decisions can be integrated into a manageable system that meets – and even surpasses – stakeholders’ expectations, saving time and reducing costs.”

According to nFusion, each project is unique and a systematic process is required to be in place in order to balance different and occasionally competing factors. Such factors include infrastructure, location, design, business, regulations and culture.

nFusion’s Insights explore these elements and show best practice towards developing successful, outstanding projects. Individual Insights include the following:


In the series, other articles depict the latest emerging trends impacting the industry as well as conduct in-depth examinations of the costs associated with development. See the full series here. In the meantime, here are a few quick lessons from nFusion’s Insights:

  • Developers can end up investing all of their time and money into what the guest sees, and not the infrastructure and systems behind the scenes. To combat the risk of project failure, the creative must be carefully and realistically framed for the location and budget of the stakeholders.
  • Developers don’t need to break the bank to respond to today’s theme park trends. One approach is to integrate a familiar yet under-utilised IP in a new way
  • In determining park-goers’ expectations with the right questions, building costs of theme parks can be mitigated to some degree. Furthermore, evaluation of the socioeconomic influences that may possibly impact a planned park development location, can be beneficial for the entire project.

From large integrated destinations to one-off attractions and urban-entertainment experiences, nFusion has an extensive track record of delivering wide ranging cultural and entertainment destinations. Legoland Germany, Fort Edmonton Park Indigenous Peoples Experience in Canada, Doha Oasis Theme Park and Korea’s K-Valley Theme Park, are just a few of nFusion’s projects.

“We understand the enormous complexity of creating these destinations and the challenges that developers can encounter along the way,” says Zurauskas. “Our goal with the Insights blog is to share our knowledge and expertise with destination developers to help streamline this process for them.”

Images courtesy Lisa J Schanley and Rawpixel on Unsplash.

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