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Ocean Park’s Guest Flow Management Tool PFlow Wins Best Mobile App Award


A guest flow management tool created in-house by Ocean Park Hong Kong has won the prestigious GSMA Asia Mobile Award for the Best Mobile App or Service for Enterprise.

PFlow is the first tool of its kind to be developed by a local theme park in Asia.

The data collected and analysed by the custom-designed, integrated mobile app allows Ocean Park’s Operation Management Team to proactively manage guest traffic. It also gives visitors access to a traffic map with relevant, time-and-location specific information, tips, and promotions such as free dining coupons and prize-giveaways.

Ocean Park will shortly be updating the app with their GlancePark Navigation Service which will make it easier for guests to find their way around the park as well as checking waiting times for particular attractions.

It will also enable the Park’s staff to respond to real-time geographical crowd data such as distributing coupons to direct guests away from busy locations to less crowded attractions.

“With real-time guest flow data provided by PFlow, we can instantly update the estimated waiting time of a specific attraction on the website, in the mobile app and on the in-Park notification boards, and “bounce” e-coupons and other promotional offers through the mobile app to encourage guests to visit other attractions to make the most of their visit, ” explains Timothy Ng, Park Operations Director of Ocean Park.

“The innovative, feature-rich PFlow mobile app enables Ocean Park to fulfil our vision of transforming into a next-generation theme park, ” adds Matthias Li, Chief Executive of Ocean Park.

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