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PGAV Celebrates Landmark in “Unleashing Wild Success” in Time for AZA Conference


PGAV Destinations, a global leader in the planning and design of unique destinations, is celebrating the completion of $316 million in zoo and aquarium projects over the past two years.PGAV Celebrates Landmark in Unleashing Wild Success in Time for AZA Conference

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PGAV Destinations has been designing products and piloting master plans for over 50 years.  Working in more than 30 states and over five continents, PGAV Destinations are industry leaders, but the last two years has seen the company focus even more keenly on cutting edge design and animal husbandry with visitor expectations of more engaging experiences.

Al Cross, Vice President at PGAV Destinations, said, “After nearly 50 years in the industry, we’ve helped lead many of the innovation leaps as people’s desire to interact with animals has evolved.  As we’ll be talking about at the upcoming AZA Conference, PGAV was a part of the transformation from simple blue pools of fish to environments mimicking their indigenous habitats; when those habitats were upgraded to experiences where visitors can safely touch various animals; and most recently in the evolution of those interactions into experiences where guests truly get into the mind of the animal and can experience an emotional connection through story-telling.”

PGAV Destinations’ zoo and aquarium projects over the course of the last two years include Polar Bear Passage at the Kansas City Zoo, The Grand Reef expansion at Discovery Cove and Sea Lion Sound at the St. Louis Zoo. The firm also conduct extensive consumer and destination research, enabled by the firm’s diverse portfolio of experiences in various destination categories.

Jim Moorkamp, Principal at PGAV Destinations said, “We’re at the forefront of another destination revolution.  Guests at zoos and aquariums aren’t just demanding new animals – they also want to see their favorite animals in new ways, to connect with their passions in fresh and innovative experiences.”

For more information on PGAV Destination’s recent openings, visit the press release “PGAV Destinations Celebrates 50 Project Openings in Ten Years”,   or if attending AZA 2012 in Phoenix, AZ September 8-13, 2012, reach out to PGAV Destinations’ Zoo and Aquarium project managers, John Kemper and Emily Howard.

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