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Picsolve Report Identifies New Opportunities in Asia’s Booming Leisure Market


Leading image capture partner for the leisure and entertainment industry, Picsolve, has launched a new report focusing on the Asian Attractions and Theme Park industry.

The report looks at the spending power and habits of the region’s rising middle-class and explores how operators can capitalise on the opportunities this new entertainment-hungry sector offers.

Using research collated by Norstat in May 2015 of 100 Hong Kong-based residents who have been to a theme park in Asia in the previous 12 months, Picsolve's report focuses on four specific areas: the profit opportunity, reasons to visit a theme park, capturing the memories and the demand for digital.

Picsolve Report Identifies New Opportunities in Asia’s Booming Leisure Market.Key findings include:

  • Theme park attendance in Asia has risen by 13% in the past two years.
  • Hong Kong citizens are willing to spend up to £95 per person during a day out at a theme park.
  • These citizens prefer to travel in large groups – a key trait of the Asian market – which, alongside a large spend per head, brings significant profit opportunities for park operators.
  • 96% of Hong Kong residents browse the internet and social networking sites on their smartphone every day – the highest percentage across Asia.
  • 55% of 18-25 year olds are very likely to share photos of their day out on social media.
  • Over a quarter of 36-45 year olds are likely to spend more money at a theme park if they are offered a digital download code to access their images instantly on a mobile device.
  • Females are more likely to share their photos than males.
  • 50% of citizens are excited by the concept of virtual reality on rides. Asian amusement-seekers are also keen on elaborate live entertainment with special effects and high-tech.
  • Nearly 40% of Hong Kong-based citizens would only visit a theme park for a special occasion.

The report concludes that, while the Asia market is undoubtedly flourishing, theme-park operators need to understand the particular cultural demands and desires of their potential visitors if they are to make the most of the region's opportunities.

Download the full report.

Picsolve Report Identifies New Opportunities in Asia’s Booming Leisure Market

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