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RGH Themed Entertainment Wonders! Flight Simulator Attraction at the Red Sea Astrarium

Vekoma Rides' Har Kupers recognised with AIMS International Safety Award

RGH Themed Entertainment have announced details of the new flight simulator attraction, Wonders!, currently under development for The Red Sea Astrarium.

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RGH CEO, Randa Ayoubi , said, “The Wonders! attraction is the perfect addition to the Old Waterfront section of the resort. It provides a themed centerpiece of old-world exploration and fascination. What’s more, it brings the resort full circle: The Red Sea Astrarium brings the world together, then Wonders! sends people out into the world again, ”.

The Red Sea Astrarium, a $1.5 billion leisure-resort in Aqaba, Jordan, will cover a 184-acre site and include four luxury hotels, lush botanical gardens and numerous entertainment, dining and retail offerings.

The Wonders! flight simulator experience will take visitors on custom-built flying machines on an unforgettable sightseeing trip through time to see the Wonders of the World as they would have looked in their prime.

Vekoma Rides Manufacturing, one of the largest roRGH Themed Entertainment Wonders! Flight Simulator Attraction at the Red Sea Astrariumller coaster manufacturers in the world, is building the ride system for Wonders! using innovative i-Ride immersive inverted 4D simulator technology from Brogent Technologies.

All media content for Wonders! is to be produced by RGH.  Each ride cycle will be randomised to provide unlimited repeatability for the attraction and a unique and unpredictable experience for guests.

Lenny Larsen, Director of Themed Entertainment at RGH, said, “The Wonders! ride is a thrilling, unpredictable journey to the ancient past that gives riders an incredible experience of visiting the Wonders of the World as they were meant to be seen.  By immersing the guests into the actual times and places of ancient civilizations they can fully appreciate these man-made wonders.”

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