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Ropes Courses Inc. gains competitive edge in Europe with EN 1090 certification

Ropes Courses Inc. gains competitive edge in Europe with EN 1090 certification

Leading creator of adventure attractions, Ropes Courses Inc., has been awarded Europe’s EN 1090 Certification.

The certificate recognises that Ropes Courses’ manufacturing process meets European standards, ensuring proper regulation of the fabrication as well as the assembly of steel and aluminium structures for its products.

This is a major coup for the company as it is understood to be the first to achieve EN 1090 certification in North America.

“The EN certification provides us with a competitive edge in the European market that other US companies do not have,” confirms Ropes Courses Production Manager, Brad Ade.

The company currently works with two European partners: UK and European distributor, Innovative Leisure and adventure attractions specialist, Faszinatour.

According to Ade, the length of time needed to fabricate a certified course is marginally longer than for one without the certification. Potential customers are advised to allow for an average of 20 weeks (5 months) from initial contact to installation for an EN certified Sky Trail ropes course.

Around 30,000 to 50,000 pounds of steel are required to create a standard Sky Trail ropes course. The company acquires steel for EN certified courses from a variety of sources coordinated by a London-based specialist.

Preparation for EN 1090 certification took 1,000 man hours

Preparing for the rigorous certification process took 1,000 man hours.

“Our team can accomplish great things when we work together the way we have been this year,” added Ade.

Ropes Courses has enjoyed a bumper year as more and more LBEs and retail environments are seeing the benefits of adding adventure attractions to boost their offering.

A recent example is Wilson’s Lifestyle Centre in Saskatoon, Canada where the company installed its first 220-degree Sky Rail™ zip line. The centre, which sells plants, furniture, pet supplies and outdoor accessories, saw the zip line as an ideal way to increase footfall and dwell time.

Ropes Courses, Inc. has been custom manufacturing, installing and servicing adventure course products since 1989. Its U.S. patented, integrated systems allow for constant movement on the course which makes for high throughputs with minimal supervision. The company’s attractions currently add another layer of adventure to amusement parks, zoos, family entertainment centers, museums, resorts and marine ventures such as cruise ships.

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