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Sanderson Designs Stellar Guest Experience for Kunming Space City

Sanderson Designs Stella Guest Experience for Kunming Space City

International thematic entertainment design and construction company, Sanderson Group, has provided concept design expertise for the futuristic Kunming Space City in Yunnan province.

The new development, located in the underground commercial area of Kunming Railway Station, covers an area of 30, 000 sqm.

Sanderson Designs Stella Guest Experience for Kunming Space City

Sanderson Group in Shanghai has designed and themed both the commercial area and the above-ground plaza. The centrepiece is a spectacular glass cube designed to wow tourists arriving at the city by train.

Kunming Space City comprises four key elements: The Ancient Relics, Flying Theatre, Nanyang Adventure and Asia Cuisine Zone.

The themed shopping avenue incorporates high-end technology with a stylised reimagining of the region’s architecture.

Sanderson Designs Stella Guest Experience for Kunming Space City

Ancient Relics

The architecture of the Ancient Relics is designed to reflect the Yi village culture and scenic rock caves. This includes local murals, decorative cow head and horn wall decorations, combined with the Yi people’s flame worship altar. Additionally, ancient trees, paper fans and a quirky tea garden evoke Chinese proverbs.

Flying Theatre

The flying theatre 3D experience gives guests the sensation of flying through the stunning scenery of China and Southeast Asia. What’s more, the on-screen experience is brought to life with wind, water spray and fragrance effects. Another element that adds to the atmosphere is the approach to the ride itself. This corridor is decorated in the style of the Va people, an ethnic minority from Yunnan. Images depict a colourful, agricultural village within a rainforest, with black and red decorations typical of the Va culture.

Sanderson Designs Stella Guest Experience for Kunming Space City

Nanyang Adventure

A Thai market is being recreated in the Nanyang Adventure zone. Small boats float under an ornate wooden bridge, laden with a variety of goods from the Southeast Asian region. Also, visitors will see authentic Thai advertisements on the shops lining the river. Close by, the folk village is decorated with images of Southeast Asian landscape and wildlife.

Asia Cuisine Zone

The Asia Cuisine Zone will offer a smorgasbord of food typical of Southeast Asia, China, Japan and South Korea. The dining area is being themed with architectural elements that reflect both the Yi nationality style and the Dai nationality style. Another feature is a stage for live performances.

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